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DHS Affidavit

MARCH 9--In an aggressive bid to entice prospective “sex tourists,” the Department of Homeland Security last year launched an undercover web site that purported to arrange trips from the U.S. to Canada, where clients could engage in sexual activity with minors, The Smoking Gun has learned.

The “Precious Treasure Holiday Company” web site was active until a few weeks ago when its Massachusetts-based web hosting firm removed the site from its servers, apparently in response to a complaint about its content. Now, visitors to are greeted with the message, “This site has been suspended.”

After a year online, the DHS undercover site may have fallen victim to its own sleazy, overt come-on. As seen at right, the site’s front page carried three symbols that an FBI intelligence bulletin has identified as being used by pedophiles. Additionally, the site’s acronym, PTHC, is an allusion to “preteen hardcore” pornography. The site’s carefully misspelled motto--“We Help Make Your Fantasy’s Come True!”--also does little to mask its illicit intentions.

An account executive with the hosting firm, who appeared unaware that “Precious Treasure Holiday Company” was a government operation, said that following a site’s suspension an internal investigation is launched. Upon the review’s completion, a site is either reinstated or terminated. The executive, Jason Crawford, added that if a customer’s site is found to contain illicit material like child pornography, the FBI is contacted.

[Five years ago, FBI agents concocted a similar sting, launching “Wicked Adventures Travel,” a web site purporting to offer pedophiles "exotic excursions" to the Philippines and Thailand. That operation yielded at least one felony conviction.]

According to court records and several sources familiar with the sting operation, the  “Precious Treasure Holiday Company” web site was operated by investigators assigned to DHS’s Cleveland office. In affidavits sworn by Agent  Gabriel Hagan, the undercover web site is described as “offering ‘international travel’ from Cleveland, Ohio, to Canada for the purpose of engaging in sexually explicit conduct with minors.” While records reveal that the site was first registered in February 2010, further details about its owner (as well as administrative and technical contacts) have been carefully cloaked. 

To draw visitors--and potential targets--to the site, DHS agents early last year began seeding a wide variety of sketchy web sites with mentions of (and links to) “Precious Treasure Holiday Company.” Investigators touted the undercover business on Russian and Swedish web sites, assorted chat rooms, and online destinations with words like “jailbait” in their addresses.

Using the online handle “otra,” one individual has been particularly enthusiastic in trying to drive traffic to the undercover operation. Posting on several sites, “otra” enthused that “Precious Treasure Holiday Company” was a “great place for real incest” and the “only place for the real thing.” In one online profile, “otra”--who is described as a Canadian male--opted for a profile photo (seen at left) showing a hand in a masturbatory position. Shortly after the DHS site went live, an anonymous poster on a Swedish bulletin board reported that, “I found a website where you can travel to go have sex with kids.” After including the nascent undercover operation’s web address, the poster added, “This website…is an actually thriving business that is legit.”

While it is difficult to gauge the overall success of DHS’s efforts to drum up visitors, the “Precious Treasure Holiday Company” operation has led to the conviction of at least one defendant on felony charges (he was recently sentenced to 20 years in prison), while another man is under indictment for conspiring to transport an eight-year-old girl from Canada to the U.S. with the intent of having her engage in sexual activity.

Federal court records indicate that two other individuals became targets of the DHS operation after visiting the undercover web site last year and engaging in subsequent e-mail exchanges with investigators. One subject is a former Marine now deployed in the Middle East with the Army Reserves.

In every instance, targets have visited the undercover web site and sought, via e-mail, additional information about “Precious Treasure Holiday Company” offerings. Agents responded by sending back a “brochure” with details of the sex tour to Canada. The brochure, a court filing reported, also “requested answers to specific questions so not to disappoint the customer.” These included queries about the preferred age of the minors with whom the prospective sex tourist sought to consort. The brochure also noted that a female employee would accompany customers to Canada (this role has been played by Agent Hagan).

[Update: Click here to view the one-page "brochure" sent to prospective targets by undercover agents.]

In some cases, a target was also provided a username and password that would allow access to a section of the DHS site containing an online “catalog” of girls aged eight to 14. Two men were arrested last year when they traveled to meet a child advertised in this catalog.

The enlisted man snared by the “Precious Treasure Holiday Company” web site, TSG has learned, is Sergeant Jason Talbott, a 32-year-old Washington state native.

In a mid-June 2010 e-mail from his Yahoo account, Talbott, pictured at right, wrote that he was “interested in a discreet package” involving an eight-year-old girl. While noting that, “I have no way of knowing if you are law enforcement or FBI,” Talbott asked about rates and sought “some sort of assurance that you are a legit company. Picture of some of the services provided maybe?” An account of Talbott’s e-mail exchanges with Agent Hagan is contained in a search warrant application excerpted here.

After receiving the brochure (and being provided access to the online catalog), Talbott described one particular child as “an attractive young lady, who would more than suit my needs.” He added, however, “I will not be back in the country for another year and a half as I am abroad.” Along with asking about adoption options mentioned in the brochure, Talbott wrote, “Again, I still have no assurances that you are legitimate, and not a sting operation or scam.”

Four months passed without further contact from Talbott. Then, on October 20, he sent an e-mail seeking “an updated catalogue of your females.” Based on entries from Talbott’s MySpace page, the e-mail was sent while he was home on leave in Spokane. In an October 14 post, he told of returning in a few weeks to the “sandbox” (Talbott previously wrote of being deployed in Kuwait).

Included with the October 20 e-mail was a naked photo of a prepubescent girl. “Attached is a pic of what I like just to show that I am not FBI. I would love a sample pic of one of your girls to verify something that shows a bit more than a clothed girl that looks like one of the dateline bait girls. All I need is to find myself on dateline.” While assuring that he was not a law enforcement agent, Talbott still appeared unconvinced that the web site’s proprietors were not themselves carrying badges or NBC employees.

After identifying Talbott as a target of the DHS probe, a TSG reporter sent a series of detailed e-mails to the Yahoo account seeking comment. In an initial response, the recipient replied, “I'm sorry, why are you calling me Sgt. Talbot? And what image was sent from this email? Do I need to run another virus scan?” Subsequent e-mails noted that, “I have nothing to talk to you about” and “I don't like being accused of shit like this. You are sick.”

In one e-mail, a reporter included a link to a TSG page that contained an excerpt from a search warrant for the contents of the [email protected] account. Within minutes of the e-mail being sent to the Yahoo account, the particular TSG page, server records showed, was accessed by an IP address registered in Kuwait City.

Additionally, after TSG e-mails were sent last month to the Yahoo account, Talbott’s profile page on Netlog, a social networking site targeting European youth, was edited. His name and photo were removed from the page, which carried the handle “swlfty.” His date of birth was changed. And the photos and nicknames of seven female friends were deleted. Of those friends, four were 14, one was 15, and another was 16.

Talbott’s Netlog page, which described him as “a man of particular tastes,” was subsequently deleted in its entirety (though a screen grab of the original page can be seen here). But his MySpace page, which contains the exact profile photo that was deleted from the Netlog page, remains online. (3 pages)

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We will miss the DHS "threat" color system! You can still get the five matching color coded panties and briefs, lets you show support for the homeland. While keeping scanner x-ray radiation off your "junk" while keeping your privates "Secure". And protect the public from TSA peeking... American made! Patent Pending Independently Tested. Google Search: DHS Color Approved Panty
I say this. Remove all the sex and violence from the media, television, theaters, printed material.. radio... Create thousands of these operations, I love it... Make all porn be only on .xxx domain names. Any porn on any other sites would shut down the hosting company or fine them or the person who posts it greatly.... You say this is insane? How sane is it to arrest people for sexual offenses, brand them for the rest of their lives so they cannot get a job.. cannot get a home.. cannot have any friends....? How insane is it to lock up and brand kids for experimenting with sex.... We need to stop with all the sex and violence in the media and calling it ENTERTAINMENT. Sex and the naked body are both beautiful things.. but how they are presented in all media is perverting it for our kids and adults alike. Look at Law and Order.. I just watched that last night, Law and Order svu.. shows a little pre teen girl, victim of rape.. in a thin under garment with her little nipples poking out...THAT IS WHAT OUR NATION IS FEEDING ON... Our nation has had sex and nudity for years.. now they want nude children, rape, murder, torture... to satisfy... When this nation stops all the perversions in the media.. then the crimes will decrease.... Fat chance that will ever happen.
What sort of blow my mind is that they went to all this trouble to set up a sting operation and never bothered to talk with the company hosting the site about it. Did it really not occur to them that some people out there might get upset about a site promoting sex tourism and complain about it?
It is SOP only to tell people who have a need to know. Telling the ISP would be another way for it it possibly get out that it was an undercover sting operation. They did the right thing and told them nothing. But I bet that ISP will be more vigilant in the future. And isn't that a good thing?
Huh? The Homeland Security folks were using a commercial hosting company to run a website that appeared to advertise sex tourism, and they apparently didn't inform the hosting company that it was a sting operation. The hosting company did exactly what they were supposed to do - shut down the site because it appeared to be engaged in illegal activity.
Why is the Department of Homeland Security wasting time (and money) on stuff like this??? They should be hunting terrorists. Let the FBI handle this sort of thing.
Terrorists often align themselves with criminal ventures that net lots of cash. Unfortunately, sex trafficking of children happens to fit that profile. So again, they were doing the right thing.
It's obvious they were running this website to recruit new employees.Go to You Tube and enter the term Priest Offers Oral Sex ....An Ohio priest offered police oral sex to be let go.There is the prison video.Then we have the Northwestern University Professor in Chicago who had a live sex show for the students with power tools. Homeland security is run by a sexually liberated gay woman and now they are putint their hands in peoples pants. Washington DC has the highest rate of child traffikers in the country. We live in a pornocracy. Run by the scum of the earth. They want the children exposed to every morally bankrupt behavior to bring the country down. Those that lower their morals conquer themselves. The US is the laughing stock of the world. They loot us and molest us at airports to break us down.The Bible says when you are good for nothing you will be sold (to the devil)for nothing.This goes for all the "global"leaders like Berlusconi of Italy a pedo President. Russia and China DO NOT have gay soldiers.The US says it is neccesary.Look at all the rapes in the Army now,both male and female. Wake up people... Again my conclusion is they were looking for DHS management material. The soldier in his Army costume in this atricle sure looks like he could be passed off as a patriotic DHS authority if this wasn't exposed. I'm sure there are plenty of pedophiles running the government. Army pedo's priest pedo's,Italian President pedos.It is a form of control,to get the pedo employees to be blackmailed with.Then the US Gov't pretends for the rest of the dumb bunny TV watching Americanski's that they are really against pedophellia and human traffiking.It's how they roll these days.Without the pretense they are against it there would be no blackmail threat to keep the weirdos in line.
Pazzammie... I have read all ur comments and to be honest u make me sick.. I hope that u are not an american the way u talk about the u.s. government, agencys, and every thing else u have talked down about america.. if it wasn't for america wher would u be right now? A starving kid in africa how about getting killed by your own governments troops as u walk down the streets.. america might not be ideal and perfect but if it wasn't for the way it is you wouldn't be sitting in ur american house on ur american internet typing stupid bs about all your conspiracy ideas on ur american computer.. would you rather live in a hut? Have no running water? N nott even have any idea what a computer is?.. the fact is we are lucky to live in america no matter how poor or bad we have life here bc in other countries where it is actualy like hell to live no matter what u do or accomplish. Here you have freedoms and choices people would kill eachother for somewhere else.. and another thing how could you ever even get the nerve to say that mayb there is no terrorism and mayb its all made up by dhs and fbi and ppl like that r u trying to say that americans grew long rugged beards wrapped a towel around there head hijacked two american planes full of innocent americans and flew them both into the world trade center killing themselves and thousands of other americans just to do it as a cover up or a conspiracy is it american fbi agents again dressing up as a terrorist and executing americans in afghan over live internet/tv.. bottom line u should be pround,greatfull, and happy to live in this country or go live in lybia or iraq or egypt and then tell me how bad your life is in america.. bottom line u r a disgrace to this country and to all americans!
The CIA has the largest child pornography data base known in history, for their personal purposes or for the corrupt politicians "delight". CIA airplanes loaded with cocaine fall out of the sky but no body is prosecuted, they always make it sound like it's "national security" and their protected distributors are untouchable and immune from prosecution, as they murder and distribute the drugs, they receive protection, the heroin production flourished since we invaded Afghanistan.
Great comment, I agree with you 100 percent, most of our elected officials are compromised.I just finished reading Thanks for the Memories by former mind controlled government sex slave Brice Taylor, apparently the career bureaucrats want their own child and pre-teen sex slave to torture and rape.
It's rampant in high places right now like Berlusconi,and now Duke of York faces questions over sex scandal friend's flights to Sandringham The Duke of York is facing renewed questions about his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein after it emerged that the convicted paedophile landed his private jet at an RAF fighter base during a visit to Sandringham. It's so funny to see these Global leader types pretend they are against it. How stupid do they think we are? If you ever wondered what the world would look like if the scum of the earth ran the world you just have to look around.It is an international epidemic. Oh by the way your infrastructures are crumbling and the money they were supposed to spend on it is being used for this....Oh yea,and food prices are going to skyrocket,um and gas is going to go to maybe $10.00 a gal.In the meantime they are playing kinky games with the money.I really think they were recruiting agents with that site.They want everything as rotten as the top of government all the way down.
The whole "entrapment" thing is easily avoided. There's nothing wrong with setting up a fake site, then just sitting and waiting for a fish to happen along. Even promoting the site shouldn't be wrong. After all, I used to get offers night and day for Viagra and I never once felt the need to get it via email. I still get offers on my Yahoo account for "sexy girls," "horny bras," "chocolate lovers," "round lubies," and other such nonsense. I'm not interested in such things, so I do not bite. I just regularly delete my spam folder and go on about my business. It's only people interested in "h0t h0rny g1rls" that click on the links. If it's legal for spammers to do this, why not law enforcement? I certainly don't want to see my liberties reduced, but I think the definition for "entrapment" is getting misused here. "Entrapment" only applies if an innocent person is goaded into committing a crime. This guy was going out of his way to make contact, maintain contact, request information, etc. He repeatedly worried in his emails, betraying his knowledge that what he was seeking was illegal and unlawful. If it's legal for advertisers to seek out suckers, why is it any different for law enforcement?
You know...ever since the pornacracy "government"started running "stings",government crime and corruption have been soaring.I'm glad YOU don't see anything wrong with it because you are the type of person who runs cover for these pedos.The devil is the author of confusion. "Stings"create an atmosphere of confusion so if they get caught they can say they were running a "Sting".Look at the silly drug war.It goes on and and on and on and the DEA and ATF are selling the guns to the Mexicans. Ohhhh but it was s sting. Gimme a break.The Bible says let your Yea's be Yea and your Nay's be nays. A doubleminded man is unstable in ALL his ways. Your comment indicates you have no idea what you are talking about. Stings are cover for government corruption and they are selective enforcement to fill up the prisons.Many prisoners are released if they help the "authorities"entrap another sucker. It's a revolving door and the stupid American public sucks it up like honey! The DHS looks like it was recruiting employees. I wish people would quit watching TV and Hollyweird movies which promote these crazy ideas.Your comment shows you love TV and fairytale undercover stories. As if the government has any integrity at all. Those days are over pally boy.
we have to wake up an see what the "pornocracy government" is doing all of the gun running drug dealing and human trafficking.
Clearly ignorance is rampant here. DHS is a department not an investigative agency. The FBI and ICE are examples of investigative agencies. DHS is the department that houses Immigration and Customs Enforcement-Homeland Security Investigations (ICE-HSI) and many other investigative agencies. The FBI and ICE-HSI SHARE jurisdiction over such crimes commonly referred to as child pornography and sex tourism. Look at their websites. The truth is out there. The article never mentions which investigative agency the agent works for. Clearly, she works for an agency with statutory authority to investigate such crimes so it must be ICE as it falls under DHS. This article obviously preys on ignorant readers who think they know who investigates what. For those who think this is "mission creep" or entrapment, give me a break. Go back to college, don't smoke weed this time, and get an education rather than what you paid for last time around. ICE has been investigating these types of crimes for many, many years. You should also know that your local, state, and many other federal authorities have jumped on this band wagon. Everyone wants a piece of the action because cops like to put perverts who hurt children in jail...for a long, long time. FYI, convicts don't like baby rapers either. Twenty years is a long time to spend behind bars with someone who wants to give you a dose of your own medicine if you know what I mean. This is yet another example of good investigative work being twisted by the media.
You sound like you are feeding on the government gravy train! Don't smoke weed in school kiddies! Why smoke weed when you can get legal amphetamine Ritalin! Maybe some nice Welbutrin which is more like "weed"I hear. Then you can be high when your teacher teaches you all about alternative lifestyles and shows you how it's done! Bwahaha All you alphabet agencies are corrupt and the DHS is molesting women and children at the airports treating them like inmates in a high security prison. What a joke! The Government has become a perverts delight. You seem to know all about it.Your comment sounds like you are running cover for the perverts. Washington DC is where you want to go for child traffiking.It is the Number One place for it in the US. You talk about these agencies as if they haven't been tanished and exposed over and over and over. Who launders the drug money ? Who gives guns to the Mexicans? It's Government agencies. Alcohol prohibition was called madness for the 14 years it existed because it CORRUPTED every level of government and turned it into organized CRIME. The smart boys in the Bush 1 "administration"really got the drug war off the ground lying about crack purchased on the White House grounds. Turned out it was from an evidence room. Now we have 40 years of prohibition that spawned all the PRIVATIZED profitable PRISONS, and mercenary armies with the dirty money in the guise of fighting what they are invested in. Comments like yours used to carry a little weight. Now they are ridiculous. It is obvious what's happening here.
DHS came from the Bush administration's knee jerk reaction to the 911 attack. They were given carte blanche to do whatever, whenever however they wanted, costs, both monitory or otherwise, do not matter. We are going to see more of these oversteps unless the DHS is reined in. Simply inserting the word "terrorist" onto someone or something does not make it so. Oh.. by the way, even reading this article, the DHS could track your IP and thus you, in some misguided way label you a terrorist. Scary thought in the "Land of the Free.."
We live in a PORNOCRACY.
Are you sure the web site was not set up just to try and find a date for "BIG SIS". I suggest Rosie McDonnell or maybe Meridith Baxter. They are her type. Maybe she was working with ATF when they were sending firearms to Mexico so the drug cartels could kill American agents with them. Don't you just love this administration???? Where else could you find criminals in position of power???? could go to a G 20 meeting.Or Italy where a pedophile is President and his brother runs all the television stations.
WHY are we here? We are reading this article on The Smoking Gun not because of some mad entrapment scheme, or because sicko pedophiles want to find their victims on line. First, we're here because HOMELAND SECURITY -- not the FBI -- is trying to enforce laws against "sex tourism," which means international travel for the purpose of underage prostitution. Second, we're here because the private company hosting the fake web site has shut it down due to moral complaints. That a US citizen can be tried here for a crime that was allegedly committed overseas seems strange. That the agencies tasked with protecting us from foreigners seem to have seized the role of protecting foreigners from us seems stranger. But strangest of all is an agency that is choked by tasks it does very badly (safeguarding the borders, tracking, locating, and repatriating foreigners, for example) has found a new task that it also seems to be doing very badly (policing the Internet). Good thing that globe-trekking American pedophiles don't have the political clout and Mexican agitators do -- or else the illegal aliens would be in Mexico and the perverts would have to stay in America. Hmmmm.
Grover, you need to work on your reading skills: 'Included with the October 20 e-mail was a naked photo of a prepubescent girl. “Attached is a pic of what I like just to show that I am not FBI. I would love a sample pic of one of your girls to verify something that shows a bit more than a clothed girl that looks like one of the dateline bait girls. All I need is to find myself on dateline.” While assuring that he was not a law enforcement agent, Talbott still appeared unconvinced that the web site’s proprietors were not themselves carrying badges or NBC employees.' 1) Clearly, Talbott was the one sending illegal photos 2) Clearly, he offered those as proof that he wasn't law enforcement 3) Clearly, he requested something similar as proof indicating that the catalogs and such DID NOT have that effect. 4) Thus, the website presumably was NOT offering illegal photos. So, you've got that backwards. Next, the US citizen was the one being tracked, not a foreigner. Next, the Marine, using computers in Kuwait City was probably on "deemed official US Soil" (which is what military bases and embassies are). so he's not a foreigner on that basis either. Yes, Homeland Security shouldn't be running this site, but NO, this has no "overseas issues" 1) The
How ironic and totally creepy! Couple this website, where DHS agents are sending prospective pedophiles naked pictures of pre-pubescent girls, with the porno strip-O-matic machine, with a complimentary fondling of genitals (kids are not exempt and now I know why)! I wonder how many DHS employees are lifetime NAMBLA members? Probably handing out NAMBLA coupons with discount memberships! My God are we going into the shi++er or what?
Thats why they are terrified of "civil unrest".The sicko crime rackets would come to end if there were any truly decent God fearing people who would try to put an end to their sicko gravy train of corruption.Unrest....hehehe just sounds like someone got up off their comfy couch. As if they are just not resting. The Roman soldiers used whips on the public,we have electric whips called tasers. Anyway this is just going to fester and continue.Get used to it. They have their apologetic posters here justifying the filth of these agencies. They pretend there is no way to arrest people for the privatized prison business unless they personally get involved in the activities they pretend they are trying to stop. Sweet deal for the "informants"and agents who like this sort of thing. They can play,and not pay with the pretense of trying to stop crime.People used to buy this line of crap but it's getting old,and the stink of it is unbearable.
Even Janet Incompetano should realize that entrapment is illegal. Not that I have any sympathy for the scum they are entrapping, not that I don't want all child molesters locked up for life, but still, there must be a cleaner way of going about it. And why is Homeland Security in charge of this?
"Am I the only one who finds it strange that the woman who is in charge of Homeland Security, who also has a distinct aversion to penises, is trolling for men looking for underage sex? " Yes I have heard that the head of HS is a formidable bull ***, but I don't know if it's true. Can anyone elucidate on it?
I see what you are saying! =-)
Latest intelligence has Big Sis dressed in latex, paddling a certain female rumored to sit on the Supreme Court who is very tight lipped about her 'relationships' in a leather outfit with lots of zippers? They both have their licker licenses of course................
I do agree that this is not the realm of DHS, but the FBI. That is a serious issue, and definitely an over-stepping. To resolve that, the FBI should simply take over the DHS' investigation completely (just don't STOP it). Aside from that, anyone whining on here about entrapment...LOL, seriously? You have to GO OUT OF YOUR WAY to search for pedophilia sites -- and even if you came across this site by accident, any further action on your part would be YOUR FAULT, and YOUR SICK TWISTED MIND IN ACTION. You're trying to tell me that some of you might be 'tempted' to sleep with an 8 year old, due to a law enforcement sting, but not otherwise? Are you @#$%@#$ kidding me? In all due sincerity, any of you who 'fear' being entrapped by a pedophile sting should consider finding the nearest tall bridge with nobody underneath it and do the rest of us a favor -- you don't deserve to breathe, imho, you sick, twisted, worthless, worse-than-cockroaches, losers. Oh yes, and the example of comparing this to free cash with a sign 'take me' in a bank lobby? Wow, so I take it you're just waiting for someone to tell you the same type of thing regarding a child to have sex with, eh? I guess you'd think you would have hit the 'lottery' then, hmm? Just waiting for your big 'pay day', eh? Seriously, consider suicide. It's your best option, and the best one for a society in which most of us don't approve of or believe in raping children. Are there a bunch of NAMBLA supporters on here today, or what? Sick @#$@$!
I personally agree with you on most points, although I feel that it's a slightly more complicated issue than just what you're saying. Trust me, my moral and emotional reactions are that these pathetic clusters of human DNA deserve every bit of punishment that's coming to them. When I was quite young, I'd say starting just before I turned 5 and lasting until I was 6, I was sexually abused by someone I trusted. It wasn't just the occasional "funny tickle" either, the only reason actual intercourse didn't occur was because of size problems... but it wasn't for lack of trying. My worry with things like this is that the language of law if quite different from the common sense of your average person. This is because court cases make a standard that future law is based on, and so must be as impassionate, impartial, and logical as possible. While I am in no way worried about the prospect of child molesters being punished, I am worried that prosecution on cases where no crime ever actually took place, or at least not the crime in question, could set a dangerous precedent. That's the key word: precedent. Unfortunately, a guilty verdict on cases of these sickos could lay the brickwork for future convictions of individuals based on thought crime. Much of U.S. law is based on past court cases. I'm just... uncomfortable with that prospect.
Am I the only one who finds it strange that the woman who is in charge of Homeland Security, who also has a distinct aversion to penises, is trolling for men looking for underage sex?
They don't have the resources or desire to guard the border - their actual job. And yet they wast the taxpayers money creating crimes. If they want to catch perverts they could just set up a store on K street and catch all they want.
Amen !
Gentleman, DHS is charged with the protection of our US borders. ICE falls under DHS and one of the main investigative duties of ICE is child sex offenses as well as human trafficking. Human trafficking is a huge issue with child sex predators, especially the exchange of young children like baseball cards for their own sexual gratification. This may not be an issue to some, but to those of us that have children, this is a good thing. I am glad their is an agency out their fighting to get these dirt bags off the street. ICE Website: Ask me how I know this, I have seen them in action. Their was a child sex predator living in my neighborhood and I sat one night and watched ICE agents bust in his house and take his computers, video recorders, DVDs, pictures and even a pair of young girls panties. I have a 4 yr old daughter and appreciate the agents that made that bust geting the sick *** out of our neighborhood. Before you go on about entrapment, think about it as if it was your child they were doing this to. Would your opinion be the same?
Sounds like you are not being quite honest as I doubt ICE agents would come out of a suspect's house and hold up a young girl's panties...c'mon, it was YOUR ex that YOU turned in, be honest!!
While I have no problem with using this type of website to catch child molesting scumbags, I'd like to know why DHS is doing this instead of some other agency such as the FBI. DHS is supposed to be concentrating on terrorism. They have their fingers in almost every cookie jar...
Maybe there is no real terrorism. It's an excuse to do things like molest women and children at the airports and traffic drugs and children and any commit other high end crimes while the country is being looted bailing out bankers who buy the elections and run the television stations. And the molesters have a dream job at TSA and DHS. Look at the crimes being committed by the Child protective services. In Chicago 2 girls were spotted naked in High End Hotels with large groups of men. The girls were in custody of the Child Protective Services at the time. The story ran once and was squashed. I guess it was a matter of National Security! hehe National Security means gagging anyone who exposes these agencies crimes so the dumb bunny public will have "trust"in them. They admitted the color coded terror alerts were fake. If there are any terrorists who do you think created them? As long as they cry wolf over a wolf that doesn't exist they can operate with impunity. C'mon....get real folks.You are being conned,looted,having your jobs sent away,molested for non existent threats,your mortgages are being sold over and over to multiple institutions till you are homeless,your food is genetically mutated with bug spray GMO,,your water is poisoned,your air is poisoned.Monsanto the food poisoner owns (Blackwater) Xe a private army. And the pornacracy Govern-mentals FDA approves hese poisons for you to consume.Estrogen dominance is males is a real problem caused by soft plastic containers with phtlates and BPA all approved by the pornacracy. When you gonna figure out that little stories like this are here to let you know how things are. Criminals love to leak out their accomplishments to get their due. What good would it be to commit the worlds greatest crimes without credit? It's how the criminal mind works. They feed off of your indignation. They laugh at it because there is no way (they think)you can stop them.
Along the lines of mission creep among federal agencies, last week it was revealed that 10 federal agencies were running 82 programs for teacher training. We spend $75 Billion (!) each year on the Department of Education and we have 9 OTHER agencies running overlapping programs?
Usual crock of crap from Govern,ment, CREATE CRIME, then have something to prosecute to insure their jobs. Time to close down DHHS, its Anti American.
Homeland Security is always claiming they have no money to deport illegals or secure the border; yet they have enough money to set traps for people that are out of their jurisdiction.
DHS is tracking sex predators............ NASA's primary objective to boost the self-esteem of Muslims.......... Holder won't prosecute black people.......... NEA is paying artists to produce propaganda.......... The IRS is in charge of monitoring people's health care.......... Is there any government agency that's actually doing what it's supposed to do?
Really? All of this for one offender, maybe two? Seriously? What a wasted effort. I would rather see statistics of the pedofiles caught from undercover agents instead of a detailed article uncovering a covert operation that caught. . . wait for it. . . one person. Whoot! Great job. Please tell me this isn't it.
DHS is tracking sex predators NASA's primary objective to boost the self-esteem of Muslims Holder won't prosecute black people NEA is paying artists to produce propaganda The IRS is in charge of monitoring people's health care Is there any government agency that's actually doing what it's supposed to do? I guess this is what Obama meant by "fundamentally transforming America." Have every agency try to accomplish political objectives rather than do the job they were supposed to do.
You're so right, stevephillips. Everything the Obama regime does turns to crap. That's what happens when wannabe-adults who have serious negative issues of their own try to run anything.
Do you really think the Obama guy runs anything but his television watching ESPN or traveling around with his body man Reggie Love together with their little dog? He is just a schmuck who plays the President on TV. All he does is go on expensive vacations while telling you to sacrifice yours. His only job is to get on TV and read what's written on the teleprompter to be an object of your ire. When the Obama guy is gone (if thats even his real name) there will be another fool the television will tell you is the real hand selected fool by the bankers and corporations president that you voted for with the electronic voting machines that have that nice proprietary software. There is nothing proprietary about counting votes.A Chinese guy with an abacus could count votes. Obama does nothing,as will the next weirdo that the corporations will give you as the spokesperson for the corporations next time around. We need to quit pretending or just expect more of this type of behavior.
Every law enforcement agency, organization, group, unit, task force, intelligence analytic unit, investigative division has a cyber-crimes unit....enforcement of kiddie-porn is not specifically investigated by the FBI alone. DHS has been working this kind of stuff before there was a get use to it....if you don't monkey around with this stuff-you don't have anything to worry about..but if you are a closet pervert....they'll be watchin' you....
What does busting sex offenders have to do with Homeland Security!???#?!? Napolitano is claiming that she doesn't have the resources to deport more illegal immigrants. Maybe this is why! She's wasting all the resources trying to do the job of other government agencies!
How can some of you think this is entrapment? It's no different than undercover cops acting as prostitutes. Or do some of you think that's entrapment too?