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    A 21-year-old Florida Woman who was naked from the waist down inside a Circle K told a cop that “another deputy told her it was fine to do that,” according to an arrest report.

    Responding to a 1:30 AM “naked woman in public" call last Thursday, police found Kendall Mabry sans pants or underwear inside the convenience store in Umatilla, a city about 45 miles from Orlando.

    A Circle K clerk and a sheriff’s deputy both reported seeing Mabry emerge from the store’s bathroom “with no pants or underwear on.” When asked about her state of undress, Mabry reportedly “stated that another deputy told her it was fine to do that.”

    Mabry, police reported, smelled of alcohol and her speech was slurred. Additionally, “the smell of marijuana was coming out of her vehicle.” Mabry’s pants were found inside her car, according to the arrest report.

    Seen above, Mabry, who lives five miles from the Circle K, was arrested for disorderly intoxication and booked into the county jail, from which she was released after posting $500 bond. Mabry, who has pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanor count, was not charged for going pantsless inside the store (pictured below).

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    An Ohio motorist yesterday lost control of his vehicle and slammed into a utility pole after a cicada flew into the car through an open window and struck him in the face, cops report.

    The one-car crash Monday occurred on a Cincinnati road adjacent to the Ohio River. As seen in the above Cincinnati Police Department photo, the Chevrolet sedan’s airbags were deployed.

    The male driver--who was not cited by police in connection with the crash--was not seriously injured.

    The Brood X cicada, however, did not survive the accident. Police found the vile insect’s lifeless body on the Chevy’s floorboard.

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    Meet Tanner Hutcheson.

    The 27-year-old Missouri man was arrested yesterday on a felony narcotics charge following an auto accident in Columbia. Hutcheson was a passenger in a vehicle involved in a “DWI accident,” according to cops.

    A Columbia Police Department spokesperson declined to identify the controlled substance Hutcheson is alleged to have possessed. He is locked up in lieu of $30,000 bond on the drug charge.

    Hutcheson’s rap sheet includes multiple convictions for theft, as well as convictions for burglary, leaving the scene of an accident, and drug possession. In December, Hutcheson was sentenced to five years in prison on a felony controlled substance conviction, but a judge suspended execution of the sentence and instead placed him on five years probation.

    Upon being booked Thursday into the Boone County jail, Hutcheson’s “D.A.R.E./Drugs Are Bad!” t-shirt was confiscated along with his other clothing items.

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    Faced with incontrovertible video evidence of his guilt, a Missouri man has pleaded guilty to the vicious sucker-punching of a child, an unprovoked attack for which he will serve seven years in state prison, records show.

    Cedric Moore, 28, copped earlier this month to a felony assault charge in connection with his walloping of a 12-year-old boy who was dancing last year on a downtown Cape Girardeau street corner.

    The victim, Ethan Hagler, was with his hip-hop dance instructor when the 205-pound Moore exited an SUV and snuck up on the boy to deliver a roundhouse punch to the child’s head.

    Hagler, who was left bleeding from the head and nose, was treated for his injuries at a local hospital.

    As seen above, the assault was captured on a Facebook Live recording.

    Moore, now in the custody of the Missouri Department of Corrections, was convicted in 2019 of felony domestic assault and sentenced to five years probation and ordered to "obey all laws" and complete an anger management program and a “Batterer's Program.”

    Following Moore’s arrest for assaulting Hagler, prosecutors filed a probation violation charge against him. A judge this month ruled that Moore had violated his probation conditions and sentenced him to four years in prison, a term that will run concurrent to the seven-year sentence.

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    A family dispute over custody of a pet turtle required police intervention this week.

    Cops were called Tuesday morning to an Ohio residence to deal with competing claims on an African Sideneck Turtle, according to a sheriff's report.

    Devin Staugh, 28, told deputies that he left the turtle with his parents when he went out of town for a few days with his girlfriend. “Devin stated that he was now there to retrieve the turtle with his parents refusing to return the turtle to him.”

    Staugh claimed he had “receipts for when he purchased the turtle” and also had “photos of him and the turtle on Instagram.” As seen above, a photo of the apparent turtle in question was uploaded last year to Staugh’s Facebook page.

    Staugh’s parents gave cops a different account of why they were caring for the turtle (who is not named in the sheriff’s report). “Both advised their son...had requested the couple keep his turtle as he was going to be incarcerated and unable to care for the turtle.”

    [According to jail records, Staugh, seen at right, was arrested in late-February on misdemeanor assault and domestic violence counts, and was subsequently freed on $4100 bond.]

    Staugh’s mother told cops that the turtle was in poor health when the couple began caring for the pet and “had to receive medical attention.” Additionally, cops noted, Staugh’s parents said that their son “was aware the couple was going to keep the turtle permanently.”

    The domestic dispute ended with the reptile remaining with Staugh’s parents. And after Staugh’s mother declared that her son was not permitted at the residence, deputies “advised Devin he is no longer welcome on his parents property.” Staugh, cops added, then “departed the area without incident.” And his turtle.

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    Perhaps one of those NBA headbands would be in order when Angel Schettini appears today in an Illinois courtroom.

    The 45-year-old Schettini--who is also known as Alejandro Lopez--is being held on $5000 bond in connection with his arrest for burglary, theft, and possession of burglary tools.

    Schettini is locked up in the DuPage County jail in Wheaton, a Chicago suburb.

    As seen in the above mug shot, Schettini’s forehead greets all with the message “FUCK YOU.” Prior mug shots show that this ink has been in place for at least 17 years.

    A similar sentiment can be seen on the domes of gents from California and Arkansas.

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    Angered over losing nearly $400 playing slot machines, a Florida Woman told police that she phoned in a bomb threat to a Tampa casino because she wanted to “blow off steam,” according to a criminal complaint.    

    Investigators charge that Adele Belizaire, 54, used her cellphone to call the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Tuesday evening to claim, “I left a bomb in your casino.” Belizaire, cops say, phoned in the threat while in her room at a Clearwater Beach hotel.

    Since Belizaire is a member of the Hard Rock’s “Player’s Club” rewards program, her phone number was in casino records, leading to her identification as a suspect. After tracking Belizaire’s phone, police confronted her around 4 AM yesterday.

    Belizaire, the complaint reports, said she became “upset” after losing “around $380...on slot machines.” Noting that she has “anger issues,” Belizaire reportedly confessed to calling in the bomb threat as a way to "blow off steam."

    Pictured above, Belizaire was arrested for making a false report about planting a bomb, explosive, or weapon of mass destruction.

    Belizaire, who has pleaded not guilty to the felony charge, is being held in the county jail in lieu of $20,000 bond.

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    Prosecutors will not pursue criminal charges against a Florida teacher who was arrested for allegedly spraying four teenage students with an aerosol disinfectant because they “were not wearing their mask properly,” according to court filings.

    In a pair of recent Circuit Court notices, prosecutors reported that four felony child abuse charges filed against Christina Reszetar, 51, were being dropped since “facts and circumstances revealed” do not warrant prosecution.

    Reszetar was arrested in January following a bizarre incident at Largo High School, where she has worked for 18 years. Reszetar, who teaches math, allegedly used a can of Claire disinfectant to spray “directly onto the path, face, and body” of four students.

    According to an arrest affidavit, Reszetar reportedly told police that, “the kids were not wearing their mask properly.” A school surveillance camera recorded Reszetar “intentionally” approaching the students to spray them.

    The teens were not injured by the spray, which is used to disinfect surfaces.

    During Reszetar’s initial appearance in court, a judge referred to the spraying as a “severely misguided attempt at discipline.” Reszetar, who pleaded not guilty to the child abuse counts, was freed without bond and ordered to have no contact with the four students and stay away from Largo High School. 

    Reszetar’s name and email address are still listed in the school’s online staff directory.

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    Meet Nicholas Newhart.

    As for what landed the 39-year-old Tennessee resident behind bars this week, well, the details are rather disgusting.

    For those with a strong stomach, click here to read about Newhart’s May 1 confrontation with police, which began outside the emergency exit door of Kid Rock’s Big Ass Honky Tonk & Rock ‘N’ Roll Steakhouse in Nashville.

    Charged with disorderly conduct, public intoxication, and two counts of assaulting a police officer, Newhart is being held at the Davidson County jail in lieu of $4500 bond.

    Newhart--who has a Confederate flag tattoo on the back of his head and a neo-Nazi “1488” tattoo on his forehead--has a rap sheet with convictions for theft, vandalism, obstruction, and public intoxication.

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    A Florida Man being booked into jail sought to smuggle narcotics into the lockup that were hidden inside his prosthetic leg, police charge.

    Keith Adams, 37, was arrested early Saturday during a traffic stop near his residence in Largo, a city in the Tampa Bay area. Adams, who was a passenger in the vehicle, was sitting atop a “glass pipe which contained a thick white residue which field tested positive for cocaine.”

    When sheriff’s deputies sought to detain Adams, he allegedly struggled with cops and was taken to the ground, where he was handcuffed.

    Arrested for cocaine possession and resisting, Adams--who has a prosthetic leg--was “specifically asked before transport to the jail if anything was concealed in his leg, and warned bringing it into the jail would be an additional charge.”

    Adams, cops say, denied that his leg housed any contraband.

    However, a subsequent search at the Pinellas County jail revealed that Adams’s leg contained a gram of fentanyl and a stash of Xanax pills.

    Seen above, Adams is locked up in lieu of $7650 bond on three felony charges and one misdemeanor count. Adams has two other separate pending narcotics cases, for his alleged possession of methamphetamine, cocaine, and fentanyl.

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    There was no driver behind the wheel of a Tesla that last night crashed into a tree and burst into flames, costing the two occupants their lives, Texas police report.

    Investigators say the 2019 Tesla Model S was traveling at a high rate of speed when it approached a slight curve in Spring, a Houston suburb. Instead of navigating the bend, the fully-electric car drove straight off the road and struck a tree.

    Two men died in the crash. When their bodies were recovered from the Tesla wreckage (seen above), neither man was seated behind the wheel, cops say. One victim was in the front passenger seat, while the other was in the backseat.

    A police report identifies the victims as Everette Talbot, a 69-year-old engineer, and William Varner, a 59-year-old anesthesiologist who owned the Tesla.

    Investigators suspect that the vehicle was running in Tesla’s “Autopilot” mode, which the manufacturer says “enables your car to steer, accelerate, and brake automatically within its lane.” However, the feature does not make the car autonomous and requires “active driver supervision,” according to Tesla’s website.

    A preliminary investigation left police certain that the driver’s seat was unoccupied at the time of the 11:25 PM crash. The Tesla ran off the road a couple of blocks from the residence of Varner, whose body was found in a rear seat.

    Last year, a North Carolina motorist was watching a movie on his phone when his Tesla Model S, running in “Autopilot” mode, crashed into a police car that had stopped on a highway due to a prior accident. The Tesla owner, an emergency room doctor, was charged with a pair of vehicular law violations.

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    Who burglarizes a home and steals the resident’s used sex toys?

    That distinction, Pennsylvania cops say, goes to Michael Holden, 37, who is facing multiple charges in connection with a break-in last Tuesday in Tyrone, a borough 90 miles east of Pittsburgh.

    Investigators allege that Holden, seen at right, entered the 35-year-old victim’s home after she had fallen asleep on her couch. Holden, cops charge, stole $700 in cash, various bank cards, and the woman’s sex toys, which were valued at $160, according to a probable cause affidavit.

    A neighbor who had seen a man entering the woman’s home described the intruder, leading the victim to conclude that it was Haolden, an acquaintance of hers who lives a block away. When the woman and her boyfriend confronted Holden, he reportedly admitted being inside her residence and spotting money on the floor.

    Additionally, a neighbor’s surveillance camera recorded a man wearing glasses and a Pittsburgh Pirates cap entering the victim’s home. A cop who has had prior encounters with Holden noted in the affidavit that Holden was wearing “some sort of Pittsburgh Pirates headgear and glasses” each time.

    Holden has been charged with burglary, criminal trespass, and theft. His rap sheet includes convictions for assault, contempt, and criminal trespass, and he is facing disorderly conduct and public drunkenness charges stemming from an arrest last month.

    The affidavit does not indicate whether the sex toys or other stolen goods were recovered by police.

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    Two women left a four-year-old boy unattended in a car while they shopped Saturday evening at an adult novelty store in Connecticut, police report.

    A state trooper was dispatched around 8 PM to the Amazing Intimate Essentials Adult Store in North Stonington after a witness dialed 911 to report “a child alone in a vehicle,” according to an arrest report.

    The trooper subsequently located the boy alone in the auto, and determined that the child’s mother and her partner had been “inside the store for approximately 15 minutes purchasing items, while the child was left unsupervised in the vehicle.” Police then arrested Victoria Mortensen, the child’s 25-year-old mother, and Monae Blake, 28.

    Mortensen was charged with risk of injury to a child and leaving a child unsupervised in a motor vehicle. Blake was charged with leaving a child unsupervised in a motor vehicle.

    Mortensen (seen above left) and Blake, who live together in Utica, New York, are scheduled for a May 11 court appearance.

    The police report notes that Connecticut’s child welfare agency was notified of the duo's arrest.