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    An Oklahoma man is facing an indecent exposure charge after allegedly using AirDrop to send explicit photos of himself to employees at a real estate firm where he was applying for an apartment, court records show.

    Police say Staijeck Helm, 23, earlier this month used the AirDrop feature on his phone to transmit photos of his “private parts and of himself naked in front of a mirror,” according to a probable cause filing.

    Investigators described the alleged offense as “indecent exposure via digital means.”

    Helm, seen at right, went to a Tulsa realtor to apply for an apartment, cops say. An employee of the firm told police that they directed Helm to “sit at a computer for the application process.”

    While Helm was filling out the application, two workers received AirDrop notifications on their phones. “Curious as to what the contents were, they both accepted the AirDrop,” only to discover the naked selfies.

    Helm was arrested and booked into the county jail on the felony count. He was later released on $2000 bond and is scheduled for arraignment on June 20.

    It does not appear that Helm, who lives with his parents, got the desired apartment.

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    A Florida Man is facing a domestic battery charge for allegedly twice striking his girlfriend in the face with a steak, blows that left the victim with seasoning on her cheek, police report.

    Cops say Joshua Dummar, 32, and the 29-year-old victim were arguing Sunday night in a Pinellas Park residence when the attack occurred. At one point, the woman locked Dummar out of the home, but later let him back into the residence.

    According to an arrest affidavit, the woman was lying on the couch when Dummar “picked up a steak and smacked the victim two times on the left cheek...leaving seasoning from the steak on the victim’s cheek.”

    The battery, a sheriff’s deputy noted, was “captured on a ring camera” inside the home, which the victim has owned since 2016.

    Pictured at right, Dummar was arrested for domestic battery and booked into the county jail on the misdemeanor rap. Dummar, who works as a landscaper, was released from custody yesterday afternoon on his own recognizance.

    A judge has ordered Dummar to have no contact with the victim. Dummar’s rap sheet includes convictions for DUI and possession of cocaine and marijuana.

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    Here is a tip for perverts everywhere:

    If you are planning to masturbate while watching a porno on your phone while at your apartment complex’s outdoor pool, do not connect your device to a Bluetooth speaker because amplified moaning will bring unwanted attention.

    Florida police were summoned to The Palms of Clearwater development Sunday night after a witness reported seeing a man “pull his pants down” and “begin to masturbate to a pornographic video on his personal cell phone.”

    Cops identified the accused masturbator as Christopher Harris, 51, a resident of The Palms, which describes itself as a “Mediterranean Oasis” only minutes from the Clearwater beaches.

    Harris, police noted in an arrest affidavit, “also connected the video to a Bluetooth speaker and began playing the video out loud as he masturbated.” Multiple officers responding to a 911 call observed Harris pleasuring himself by the pool (seen below).

    After being read his rights, Harris reportedly admitted to “playing with himself,” adding that when he is intoxicated he does “stupid things.”

    Seen above, Harris was arrested for exposure of sexual organs, a misdemeanor. He was released from the county jail Monday night on his own recognizance. Harris’s rap sheet includes convictions for criminal mischief and battery.

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    A Louisiana man is behind bars after allegedly clobbering his brother in the head with a frozen bag of chicken, the latest in a series of poultry-related crimes plaguing the nation.

    According to police, Tommy Bouwell, 59, battered his sibling late Tuesday evening inside a mobile home they share in West Monroe. The victim said that when he asked Bouwell about “two windows busted out of his residence,” his brother “became angry and began throwing things” at him.

    The victim said that Bouwell “grabbed a bag of frozen chicken out of the freezer and struck him in the side of the head” with the poultry. Bouwell allegedly then “continued grabbing frozen foods,” which he threw at his brother.

    The victim, who refused medical attention, requested to pursue criminal charges against Bouwell, who was busted on a misdemeanor battery count. Seen above, Bouwell is locked up in lieu of $500 bond.

    Bouwell’s rap sheet includes collars for aggravated assault, domestic abuse, disturbing the peace, and theft.

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    After being caught with a bag of heroin, a drug suspect told cops that his family “sent it to him from Guatemala and that he thought it was chili powder,” according to an arrest report.

    Police say that Daniel Ascencio Barrera, 34, was pulled over Thursday evening as he drove in Clearwater, Florida. Ascencio Barrera was initially arrested for driving with a permanently revoked license.

    During a subsequent search of Ascencio Barrera’s car, cops found a “large clear bag” containing a 29.7 gram mixture that field tested positive for heroin.

    After being read his Miranda rights, Ascencio Barrera reportedly “stated that his family sent it to him from Guatemala and that he thought it was chili powder.”

    Along with the driving count, Ascencio Barrera (seen above) was charged with a narcotics trafficking rap (the combined bond for the two felonies is $55,000). Ascencio Barrera is also facing a probation violation charge related to a prior DUI conviction. Additionally, a detainer has also been lodged by Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials against Ascencio Barrera, a Guatemalan native.

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    Meet Anthony Coleman-Hill.

    The 28-year-old Floridian was arrested this month for cocaine possession after police responded to a 911 call about a trespasser “acting erratic and doing drugs” outside a 7-Eleven in Orlando.

    Upon arriving at the convenience store, cops spotted Coleman-Hill “smoking what appeared to be illegal narcotics.” Coleman-Hill, who allegedly was “displaying signs of narcotics impairment,” reportedly said that he had been smoking “Molly.”

    A search of Coleman-Hill yielded a small bag of cocaine from a pants pocket, according to an arrest affidavit. Coleman-Hill was arrested on a felony drug possession charge and booked into the Orange County jail, where he remains locked up in lieu of $1000 bond.

    Coleman-Hill, police noted, was transported to the jail “without incident.” The arrest affidavit offers no insight as to why Coleman-Hill appears to have been doused in some kind of milky substance.

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    A Florida Man charged with indecent exposure offered cops a bizarre explanation as to why he was pleasuring himself in public, according to court records.

    Officers were dispatched Sunday morning to a Speedway convenience store in Vero Beach after a 911 caller “advised there was a naked white male screaming at a white female on the side of the road.”

    Upon arriving at the scene, officers encountered Jason Roach, with whom they were already familiar. The 40-year-old Roach, cops reported, had been questioned twice the prior evening in connection with alleged masturbation incidents at an Arby’s restaurant and a Wawa convenience store.

    In both instances, Roach “stopped and went on his way,” according to a court filing. The third time, however, was not the charm.

    A witness told police that Roach (seen above) “was naked and touching himself in the motion of masturbating” while near the Speedway around 6 AM.

    When questioned about his activities, Roach reportedly said that he “was having issues with his rectum and in order to get rid of that pain he has to ejaculate.” If Roach offered anything further about his purported maladies, a cop did not include those gory details in an arrest affidavit.

    Despite that compelling explanation, Roach was arrested for exposure of sexual organs, a misdemeanor. He was booked into the Indian River county jail, where he is being held on $50,000 bond.

    Roach, who is scheduled for a May 2 arraignment, has previously been convicted of battery; petty theft; violating a protective order; burglary; grand theft; filing false documents; and resisting police.

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    Meet Destiny Simmone Morris.

    The 18-year-old is jailed on a felony charge after allegedly battering her 65-year-old boyfriend during a confrontation Sunday evening in their Florida residence.

    Police responded to the home after an unknown 911 caller reported that, “an elderly male was being beaten up.”

    According to cops, the victim said Morris “pulled his hair, punched him in the ribs and head, and threw him to the ground.” The alleged attack occurred inside the couple’s Clearwater home and in the property’s front yard, a criminal complaint reports.

    The victim, who “had an obvious laceration/abrasion to his left arm which was bleeding,” told police that he and Morris had been together for about four months and are “in an active romantic/sexual relationship.”

    Morris, seen above, reportedly made “spontaneous statements admitting to hitting the victim,” cops say.

    Charged with battery on a person aged 65 or older, Morris was booked into the county jail, where she is being held in lieu of $2500 bond. A judge has ordered Morris to have no contact with the victim. The teenager--who was convicted earlier this year of disorderly intoxication--has also been directed to stay away from the man’s home.

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    A Florida Man slapped his girlfriend in the face with a slice of pizza during an argument in their residence, according to cops who reported that the alleged crime scene was sauce splattered.

    Police were dispatched Friday afternoon to a residence in Marion County in response to a “911 hang-up.” Upon arriving at the home, officers encountered Ortelio Alfonso, 39, who said he had a “verbal altercation” with the victim, according to a probable cause affidavit.

    The woman, however, said the dispute turned violent, telling officers that Alfonso “grabbed a slice of pizza and slapped her in the left side of her face with it.” The woman said the couple had been arguing about the disciplining of their son.

    A cop noted that the woman had pizza sauce all over her shirt and the “remnants of pizza in her hair and ear area.” Additionally, the officer reported, “I observed there to be pizza sauce on the walls and the ceiling of the kitchen area which further corroborated the victim’s statement.”

    After being handcuffed and read his rights, Alfonso reportedly admitted striking the victim “with the slice of pizza in the face,” adding that he threw the pizza and “did not physically strike the victim with his hands, just with the pizza.”

    Pictured above, Alfonso was arrested on a misdemeanor battery count and booked into the county jail (from which he was released Saturday). Alfonso, who works for a landscaping firm and lives in an Ocala suburb, is scheduled for arraignment on March 29.

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    Meet Richard Quick.

    According to police, the 47-year-old Floridian was recently spotted walking into an Orlando roadway and “engaging with passing cars.” After initially ignoring demands that he show cops his hands and get on the ground, Quick was handcuffed and searched.

    Officers reported finding a pair of knives and a crack pipe in Quick’s pants pockets. As a result, he was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and carrying a concealed weapon. Quick also faces a resisting police count.

    Quick is being held in the Orange County jail in lieu of $3000 on the three misdemeanors.

    While an arrest affidavit refers to Quick’s “face paint,” the document offers no insight into how or why the defendant was so pink. Quick’s rap sheet includes convictions for disorderly conduct, trespassing, battery, and theft.

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    A Florida Woman battered a convenience store clerk with a pair of Slim Jim beef sticks after being accused of shoplifting, police say.

    Cops allege that Kacey Breazeale, 40, was confronted Monday afternoon by the female victim at the exit doors to the store, which is adjacent to a Citgo gas station.

    Breazeale “pushed the victim to get past” and then struck the 34-year-old clerk “with 2 Slim Jim beef sticks she was stealing,” reported Officer Joshua Kokaisel of the Pinellas Park Police Department.

    The clerk was not injured in the Slim Jim attack (and police did not seize the beef sticks as evidence). Seen at right, Breazeale reportedly admitted to the battery after being read her rights.

    Charged with battery, theft, and resisting a merchant, Breazeale is being held in the county jail in lieu of $2650 bond.

    Breazeale, who is alternately described as a transient and a St. Petersburg resident in court records, has a lengthy rap sheet that includes several state prison stays and convictions for cocaine possession, burglary, trafficking in stolen property, and theft.

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    A 19-year-old motorist who admitted driving his Honda 120 mph on an Iowa interstate told cops that he floored the vehicle last night “because a good song came on his stereo,” according to a court complaint.

    After a witness called 911 to report a reckless driver was speeding and “swerving all over the road” a sheriff’s deputy spotted the suspect vehicle as it flew past him at 100 mph around 9:15 PM.

    When the car was subsequently pulled over more than two miles up Interstate 380, driver Nicholas Bernard reportedly “admitted to going 120 mph at one point.” Bernard, seen at right, explained that he reached the top speed “because a good song came on” the stereo in his 2006 Honda Accord EX.

    Bernard was only facing a speeding citation when he opened the glovebox to retrieve registration and insurance records. But then a deputy spotted a “large amount of marijuana” in plain view in the compartment. A subsequent search of the vehicle turned up a smoking pipe and other drug paraphernalia, cops report.

    Bernard was charged with a pair of misdemeanor drug counts and booked into the Johnson County jail, from which he was released this morning.

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    A Grinch ransacked a nativity scene, stealing a baby Jesus figurine and other religious items which were replaced with a “tombstone-shaped Halloween decoration with the word ‘R.I.P.’ written on the front,” according to Ohio cops.

    A resident of South Euclid, a Cleveland suburb, contacted police Friday night to report that a thief had targeted the nativity scene in his front yard. Along with stealing baby Jesus, the perp swiped cow, donkey, and lamb figurines.

    Victim John Carlo, 39, told cops he found the “R.I.P.” tombstone where the figurines had been.

    Police are investigating the December 2 crèche incursion.