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Bonds: The Incredible Growth Of A Superstar

Trial evidence to include series of photos of ex-athlete

Barry Bonds bathrobe

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Barry Bonds Evidence Photos

MARCH 8--Federal prosecutors will show jurors in Barry Bonds’s upcoming criminal trial photos purportedly depicting how performance-enhancing drugs transformed the formerly lithe baseball star into a hulking athlete.

In a U.S. District Court memorandum, government lawyers yesterday filed a series of nine photos of Bonds spanning about 20 years, beginning with a black and white photo from Arizona State University and ending with a shot from his final years with the San Francisco Giants.

Bonds, who last played in 2007, has been indicted for lying to a grand jury about his use of steroids and human growth hormone. His criminal trial is scheduled to begin March 21.

The prosecution filing also includes a photo of Bonds from a 1995 calendar. The evidentiary purpose of that image, which is seen above, is not described in the court memo. (9 pages)

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The enormity of Barry's head dictates that investigators continue to pull the thread and find out why the record books are deformed ...
This whole thing is stupid. It's like Greg Giraldo said about taking away records from Bonds and others, "They're entertainers, who gives a shiat? It's not a Congressional matter. You know what's also an illicit substance? Crack. Crack cocaine is an illicit substance. No one's taking gold records away from Whitney Huston."
No one, as far as I know, has claimed that Whitney sold so many records because of her growing addiction; quite the opposite, in fact.
I guess, now in this country you are not allowed to work out with weights and show any improvement at all, or you will be subject to persecution. How sad is it when we want to throw someone in jail for being the greatest home run hitter in the history of our national pastime.
I think that, in twenty years, we'll have athletes getting fined for having bionic implants and their apologists will be saying, "Hey, everyone gets fillings in their teeth, same thing."
I wouldn't say he's the greatest that title would be long to the Babe, who hit a lot of his homeruns while drunk...while most people can't drive a car while drunk the Babe was able to hit a little white ball coming at him anywhere between 85 to 100 mph with such force it flew far far far that's great hitting...oh by the way; the ball wouldn't as hard as they are today...Then there is Ted Williams missed four years to do WWII had over 600 homers just think if he played those 4 extra years....
Not really the issue. Increasing his hat size 3-4 sizes. The seperation of his two front teeth (a la Lauren Hutton), Increased bone density (bone density normally stops increasing at about age 25-30). These are all signs of HGH/steroid use as an adult. Working out will not cause your skull to grow in circumfrence. It will not cause your teeth to seperate (because your jaw grows after your adult teeth are already in place). And it will not cause your bone density to can only hope to keep it static.
Interesting points. I was just considering the amount of muscle mass which is seldom accomplished by "working out with weights" alone.
I'm pretty sure he was juicing, but pictures alone aren't proof of it. .
Thanks so much for that boudoir photo. What has been seen cannot be unseen. >_<