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It's All Fun & Games...

Until law enforcement shows up (and takes your mug shot)

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It's All Fun & Games...

JANUARY 30--With parts of the U.S. in a deep freeze, this week's mug shot roundup begins with a sextet of suspects dressed for the icy weather.

As for the other booking photos, a few notes: 1) The gentleman on page #2, whom we're told is nicknamed 'Joe Dirt,' was popped last Saturday in central Texas for drunk driving and pot possession; 2) The vital stats on the Florida arrestee on page #4 are 5' 9' and 600 pounds; 3) The 19-year-old woman on page #7 has been busted three times since October, most recently on January 29 for failure to appear (left photo); 4) We're guessing the guy on page #10 is rooting for the Arizona Cardinals; 5) The woman on page #12 was nabbed for driving with a revoked license, not bathrobe pilferage; and 6) Those eyelid tats on the perp on page #15 read 'God' and 'Son.' (17 pages)