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Two Thumbs Down

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CIA Terror Busters

Two Thumbs Down

1) Not only does the Central Intelligence Agency need to strengthen its information gathering operations, they might want to consider a new anti-terrorism logo. This "Terrorist-Busters" identity, which can be found on The Company's web site, makes it look like the CIA's scourge is a masked wrestler (a la Mil Mascaras) armed with a Kalashnikov. (1 page)

2) During a U.S. military training exercise in Honduras, a helicopter crashes, killing everyone aboard. An Army "notification officer" is then dispatched to break the bad news to the father and brother of one of the dead soldiers. That's the plot of "Notifying the Hostile Next of Kin," a rather strange Army training film obtained by TSG. The flick features two surly white guys (the "hostile next of kin") who appear to live in a Southern shanty, and a black Sergeant First Class (the "notification officer") who is actually called "boy" by one of the shack dwellers. All that's missing from this production (stills from which are here) are a couple of cuts from the "Deliverance" soundtrack. Just pushplay:

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