Jackass Busted In Anthrax Hoax

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Anthrax Letters

Jackass Busted In Anthrax Hoax

1) The FBI today (10/16) released these images of the envelopes containing anthrax that were mailed recently to NBC newsman Tom Brokaw and Senator Tom Daschle. (1 page)

2) But while the terrorists responsible for those actual attacks remain at large, the FBI has just busted some dumb 48-year-old guy for his role in atoxic hoax that resulted in the October 11 evacuation of 800 employees from Connecticut's Department of Environmental Protection. According to this bureau affidavit, Joseph Faryniarz lied to agents when questioned about a powdery substance that was left on his desk (and which was accompanied by a notation reading "ANTHAX"). Prosecutors allege that Faryniarz knew that a colleague--who apparently can't spell--was playing a prank on him, but lied to agents about the hoax. Faryniarz could face five years in prison if convicted of making false statements to the FBI. (7 pages)