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Edward Furlong's Lobster Tale

Boozed-up actor busted in apparent crustacean liberation bid

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Edward Furlong's Lobster Tale

SEPTEMBER 17--Meet Edward Furlong.

The 27-year-old actor was arrested Wednesday night for public intoxication following a bizarre incident--complete with lobsters!--at a Kentucky grocery store.

According to this Florence Police Department report, Furlong, who starred in "Terminator 2," and some pals were in a Meijer store getting rowdy and yanking lobsters out of the chain store's tank. When police arrived, an unsteady Furlong, who smelled of booze, began to "turn around in circles" when an officer tried to frisk him.

It is unclear whether Furlong--a PETA/animal rights activist--was trying to free the incarcerated crustaceans. Furlong, in town shooting a movie, spent a few hours in custody before making bail on the misdemeanor count. (2 pages)