Bad Shake = Small Quake

Bust trio for exploding McDonald's 'acid bomb'

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Bad Shake = Small Quake

SEPTEMBER 21--Meet Pedro Garza, Joshua Hackey, and Nathaniel Hackey.

The trio of Florida nitwits were in a McDonald's Saturday morning looking to get even for a bad milkshake they were served a few days earlier. Instead of seeking a refund from the manager, Garza and the Hackey brothers--both of whom are in the military--retaliated by cooking up a homemade "acid bomb" that would have made MacGyver proud, according to a Polk County Sheriff's Office report.

The men placed toilet bowl cleanser and aluminum foil in a plastic bottle and then capped the bottle before leaving the Lakeland restaurant. Nobody was injured when the small bomb later exploded.

Aided by store surveillance video, cops quickly arrested Garza and the Hackey boys (seen, top to bottom, in the mug shots at right) and charged them with making and discharging a destructive device, a felony. (2 pages)