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Meet Star Of Subway Taser Video

Kentucky student, 21, was searching for “terrorist cell”

Subway tasering

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WKU Subway Tasing

NOVEMBER 5--By now you might have seen the viral video of a young man’s rampage at a Subway restaurant, a drunken meltdown cut short by a cavalcade of cops, one of whom subdued the suspect with a Taser probe.

The star of the video, records show, is Dennis Craig, a 21-year-old Western Kentucky University student who, campus cops reported, “was very irate stating there was a terrorist cell on campus and that he needed to stop them.” According to a police report, Craig, who smelled of alcohol, hurdled the Subway counter late Saturday afternoon in an effort to fight an employee identified as Nicholas Jackson.

Craig, investigators reported, “caused panic" when he jumped the Subway counter in pursuit of Jackson. As the fast food outlet’s manager apparently sought to call police, Craig pushed the woman against a wall and ripped the phone cord from the wall.

Craig is pictured in the above photo from his Facebook page, which notes that he is a pre-med student scheduled to graduate in 2012. The Tennessee native also lists employment (since July 2007) with the United States Army as an operating room tech. 

The October 30 incident was captured on an iPhone carried by witness Ethan Mefford, a WKU student (Mefford’s video can be seen above). Craig’s Subway antics came after WKU’s football team lost its homecoming game to the University of North Texas, 33-6.

After being subdued by a Taser probe, Craig was transported to a local hospital by EMS workers. He was charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct, and is scheduled for a November 24 court appearance, according to a citation. (3 pages)

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[FTA: "Craig is ... a pre-med student scheduled to graduate in 2012"] "Hi. Dr. Douchebag will be right in to see you, Please have a seat up on the table and remove your shirt. The doctor already has his off."
I think he only had 3 secs to react but nonetheless, the cops took correct action. NOW, the important question, what happened to the so called $100.00 that he pu on top of the soda machine? Wait, after further review it looks like his buddy nabbed the loot.
First off, what the kid did was wrong -- head to the back of the counter. But you have to wonder how dare the guy behind the counter talk like that to a customer. Why did that guy provoke this guy in the first place? It's like a guy cutting you off on the road -- You didn't start it -- he did! And yes, the cops need to train a bit more as they hardly gave him time to get on his knees. They should have talked in a calm manner and not freaked out. And what about the guy in the plaid shirt? He was subduing the guy but later started hitting him? WTF??? Bottom line. Everybody hurts and we need to be calm and gentle and heal us and others. Peace.
Amen Robert. I counted a full 4 seconds he had to comply before he got tased. I think we should all be grateful for the invention of the taser so fewer people get shot. And so we can laugh our asses off watching idiots get tased.
People getting tased is all but life and enjoyment....
Watching folks get tased is to the 2010's what streaking was to the 1970's. Sometimes it's revolting, but mostly it's just good clean fun.
Children, children, children. Put down your crack pipes and listen up: This moron is guilty of assult and battery for starters. It is on video. Guilty. If you go into a public establishment and trespass, there will be consequences. Any apology or excuse cannot undo his behavior. At the very least he should be expelled from his university. No second chances. I will not comment on police procedure, but this "kid" engaged in criminal behavior. He will never be accepted by any medical school. Live and learn.
Also, don't Fark with Jack Bauer's cold cut trio.
I'm not a lawyer, nor am I a police officer, but I think it's pretty much agreed upon by the legal bodies of our great nation that it's totally fine to instantly tase and shirtless redneck, regardless of his ability or desire to follow police instructions.
I agree with the first part of what miataman says. He had all of 2 milliseconds to comply with the officers... no person whether they are drunk or sober would have escaped being tased with that amount of warning & they were a little too fast on the trigger. Don't need to ruin the guy's career or embarrass him publicly but he should at least get a chewing out by his captain for falsifying a police report so it doesn't happen again.
you're so so so so so so wrong. the police asked 3 TIMES!!! He didn't comply. They don't know if he's armed! They did their job and they did it well. If they beat him silly afterwards while he was down, that would have been police brutality, but they did not. Learn your laws man. Non compliance with an officer's orders = TASER. Remember that.
Hey, that piece of white trash did it to himself. I hope that he ruined his Military career and tarnishes his name from now on. He was a danger to everyone around him and the Police did what they had to do. If I were attacked by a drunken/drugged A-hole like him I wouldn't hesitate to take out my concealed handgun and fill his chest with lead. Live and learn... Well, in that case it would be "die and learn". Now I remember why I did not like Tennessee- all the trash like this.
wow you are way too upset about this
No....he's upset that someone's actually blaming the cops for taking control of the situation and putting this dirt bag where he jail. The "tough guy" redneck got every bit of what he deserved.
"Funny" how the police report says that "Craig refused Officers commands to lay on the ground" (a true statement) "and began cursing and yelling." (Didn't see that in the video) It goes on to say "Craig was very combative and had to be TASED in order to affect the arrest." He looked like a deer in headlights to me when the cops rushed in... I'm not saying the cops didn't do the right thing, but interesting how the report reads compared to what the video shows...
I dunno. The video shows him swinging punches at people. Multiple calls to the police made descrbing that behavior. . I think the word combative applies. He doesn't have to hit a cop in th face for that to make the report.
regardless, I think the cops did a stellar job here. they could have gone ape shiat and started beating him but they kept their cool and didn't. I commend them for the restraint. They asked him 3 TIMES to get on the ground, he did not. That is more than grounds to tase that idiot. Great Job Kentucky Cops.