Texas Woman Wearing D.A.R.E. T-Shirt Busted For, You Guessed It, Drug Possession

If 25+ years on the crime beat has taught TSG anything, it is that when it comes to police vehicle stops:

1) There is always drugs or weapons in the Crown Royal bag.

2) There is always crack cocaine in the Crazy Glue container.

3) If a suspect is wearing a D.A.R.E. t-shirt, they are probably holding.

With regard to observation #3, meet Michelle Ochoa.

The 35-year-old Texan was arrested recently after police pulled over a vehicle in which she was a passenger. When questioned by cops, Ochoa “openly stated” that she “had warrants” in a neighboring county, according to a police report.

A computer check confirmed that Ochoa was wanted for failure to appear in court on a narcotics possession charge. A search of Ochoa’s bag turned up Xanax for which she did not have a prescription.

Elsewhere in the vehicle officers found cocaine, a scale, and “several unused plastic baggies consistent with that of packaging narcotics prior to distribution.” Another occupant of the vehicle reportedly told cops that Ochoa “had narcotics concealed on her person,” but a search of Ochoa found “no contraband,” investigators noted.

Ochoa--seen above in her “D.A.R.E. Keeping Kids Off Drugs” t-shirt--was subsequently booked into the Jim Wells County jail on a narcotics possession charge.