Motorcyclist Jailed For Trying To Impress First Date With High-Speed Police Chase

The motorcyclist who led cops on a high-speed chase because he was “trying to show off” for a female passenger with whom he was on a first date has pleaded guilty to a felony charge and will serve two months in jail, Florida court records show.

Taylor Beverly, a 23-year-old Tampa resident, copped Thursday to a fleeing or eluding charge in connection with the chase last year. In addition to the time behind bars, a judge suspended Beverly’s driver’s license for a year and ordered him to pay about $700 in fines and court costs.

After Beverly (seen at right) blew a red light in front of a squad car, police began chasing his 2017 Suzuki, which weaved in and out of traffic while running additional lights and traveling at “well over 100 mph,” according to an arrest affidavit.

While Beverly was fleeing, his passenger later told police, she was “screaming at him to stop, but he refused.” Referring to Beverly and the woman, a cop noted that, “This was their first date.”

Upon being apprehended at an intersection, Beverly confessed and “stated he was trying to show off for his date.”

Court records show that Beverly, who works for a roofing company, has previously been convicted of grand theft, cocaine possession, passing a bad check, and probation violation. Following a 2019 motorcycle crash, Beverly was cited for reckless driving and driving an unregistered vehicle.

Beverly was arrested in April for allegedly slapping and strangling an ex-girlfriend, but prosecutors dropped felony and misdemeanor counts after the victim “requested this case not be prosecuted,” a court filing revealed.