Records Indicate That Terrorists Everywhere Enjoy Pornography And Street Prostitutes

In light of the reported discovery of a large pornography stash in the Bilal Town lair of the late Osama bin Laden, here’s a mug shot of fellow terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki, who was convicted a couple of times for trolling for street hookers while living in California.

Al-Awlaki, 40, was twice collared on prostitution charges while living in San Diego. He is seen above in a booking photo snapped after a 1997 solicitation arrest. In search of an affordable blowjob, the imam apparently relaxed his devout Muslim beliefs (at least for a few minutes).

The American-born Islamic scholar, who is targeted for death by U.S. forces, was sentenced to probation, fined, and ordered to perform community service following the 1997 bust. A 1996 conviction resulted in al-Awlaki being sentenced to attend an AIDS education course and to pay fines and restitution.

Al-Awlaki could not be reached for comment about his rap sheet.

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Well said.
The article should be entitled, "Radical Lunatics Enjoy Porn and Street Prostitutes" ...these lunatics and so-called religious fanatics from all religions have so much in common..
go back a thousand years and there is a rabbi a priest and an imam swapping parchments covered with risqué doodles.
If you went back a thousand years, you would be under the stinging authority of a whip and a strong task master.
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"could not be reached for comment" ... LMAO!