Records Indicate That Terrorists Everywhere Enjoy Pornography And Street Prostitutes

In light of the reported discovery of a large pornography stash in the Bilal Town lair of the late Osama bin Laden, here’s a mug shot of fellow terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki, who was convicted a couple of times for trolling for street hookers while living in California.

Al-Awlaki, 40, was twice collared on prostitution charges while living in San Diego. He is seen above in a booking photo snapped after a 1997 solicitation arrest. In search of an affordable blowjob, the imam apparently relaxed his devout Muslim beliefs (at least for a few minutes).

The American-born Islamic scholar, who is targeted for death by U.S. forces, was sentenced to probation, fined, and ordered to perform community service following the 1997 bust. A 1996 conviction resulted in al-Awlaki being sentenced to attend an AIDS education course and to pay fines and restitution.

Al-Awlaki could not be reached for comment about his rap sheet.

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you animals are a threat to civilization - your bogus religion is a sham and you need to understand you are not welcome in society - just a friendly hint
Let's see how many comments are made against this man since he's a Muslim. Seems Muslims don't receive the same wrath from leftists for the same offense that fallen practicing Jews or Christians commit. And when leftists do criticize a Muslim, they feel the need to also include other religions. Right, Mo Ma'? Why are leftists so afraid to criticize Islam? Is it because of political correctness or fear of retaliation? Or because of the fact that Obama was a practicing Muslim? Ok, lefties, you may now commence with your typical nasty, personal insults as you always do when you can't tolerate someone who dares to question or criticize your messiah and your beliefs.........hmmm, kind of like radical Muslims do.
Teabaggers are well known for attracting other types of diversified idiots, racists, alarmists and ignorant bigots at large. What type of Muslims were responsible for 911 terrorist attack?? What is exactly a radical Muslim according to the teabaggers??? Sunni? Shia? Wahabi? Sufi? Khoja? Dawoodi? Druze? Nusayris, Zaidites? Ahmaddiya? Alevi? Yazidi? Ha-Min??? Janjaweed? Sudanese? Jamaat? Certainly, they all were not involved in planning, support and execution of 911 and subsequent terrorist activities. What kind of idiot would blame the entire Islamic community for the criminal actions of fanatical Wahhabis-Salafis extremists ignited by crazed vindictive imams bent on executing Fitna and Qital masqueraded as Jihad …Painting unwarranted wide and broad vilifying conclusions over every Muslim is error without merit. You and your teabaggers can go back to worshipping Sponge Bob and Wonder Woman and leave the thinking to the grown-ups.
I am so sick of reading your poor attempts at thinking; You are as predictable as the people you are attempting to predict. No matter the story you make the exact same kind of comments. How much longer do you think you can pretend your rote anti-liberal rhetoric is actually critical thinking before you wake up in cold sweat and realize you are exactly like what you mock? Nothing but someone who spews out political cliches regardless of the event. Someone who twists and turns every story to fit into your static, cemented, and preconceived idea of the world. The sad thing for people like you is that you can no longer see the truth because you've got a built in, ready response for everything. The sad thing for me is that people like you--who laughingly call yourselves conservatives--have hijacked the republican party and have steered it away from responsibility, reasonability, and being....conservative. Believe it or not conservative didn't used to mean anti-democrat. Break out the dictionary and take a look at the word, it might be an eye opener.
Ha ha, then don't read my comments if they make you so sick.You're just mad that people like me refuse to let people like YOU hijack the Republican party and try to make it even more moderate...so much so that it starts to lean left. Believe it or not, Democrat didn't used to mean leftist like it does now. I remember most Democrats being more conservative before John Kennedy took office, then they went downhill rapidly after that. And that's bound to happen when a party thinks of their leader as a messiah which Democrats tend to do. Don't forget that Reagan was a Democrat at one time and he saw what was becoming of the party, so he switched and his conservatism paved the way for what the GOP is today. There's hardly no one more reasonable and responsible than him. You sir, are the one who doesn't understand the difference between the two parties now nor what conservatism means. The only thing I think is sad is how this country is falling apart, but it's par for the course since a Democrat leftist is in power. I am happy, however that I get under your skin enough for you to reply to my comments in the manner that you do. Thanks for the entertainment.
I think he's just pissed that people like you with single figure IQ's have managed to survive to adulthood. I share his sympathies.
It's rather easy when you still live at home. Mommy loves him dearly.
Sure, Republicans didn’t make a messiah out of Reagan. Or Newt during the nineties. It’s just a Democrat thing. Great critical thinking there. If you read my response, what got me riled up was the tone of your response--the tone of every response I've ever seen you leave. It's this new constantly ugly, hateful tone that makes party compromise impossible. THAT is what is going to sink this country(not Right or Left controlling things); The new ideology that you prove you’re a Republican by hating Democrats(or likewise). And you spew it out time and time again, instilling this Us versus Them mentality. Everyday people, like you, treat politics like a Jerry Springer show; you would rather be throwing punches than have actual discourse. You would rather berate the other side than actually get something done. Who think yelling means you’re using your brain. You’re a small particle in the only thing both parties can meet on nowadays: the new politics of hate. So don't go patting yourself on the back about how you’re steering your party away from the right. All you do is steer democrats (or potential republicans) to think, that's why Republicans are such asshats. And you steer Republicans--who are reasonable (I know to you, reasonable must mean moderate, but they are hardly the same thing. You can be reasonable and still lean right. ) think about joining the independent party. And I realize this is just TSG, but if you read comments on any site and this is the discourse—ugly, unthinking hatred. That’s what you’re contributing to.
First of all, I'm not a Republican. I have only voted for Republican candidates because they were more conservative than any the Democrats have given us for years, now. I didn't vote for McCain because he's a moderate and weak as all moderates are. They never take a stand for anything because they just sit on the fence and stick their fingers in the wind to see which way the wind is blowing and they always end up rolling over and giving in the Democrats who, in turn have also given in to the left. The only compromise leftist Democrats will accept is when they get what THEY want and nothing else and the Republicans have taken the 'high road' one too many times and given in. It can't be denied that the Democrat party has been taken over by leftists who seek chaos and upheaval in order to strip our country of super power status in their quest for socialism (and next, communism, no doubt) which always ends up in failure. The Tea Party and true conservatives in the Republican party know this, so if it means it's us against the Democrats and also the RINOs in the GOP then, yeah, bring it on! It's obvious that you have no love for Republicans, so touche. You lost that arguement. Democrats who are either naive do-gooders or immature fools who only want to buck authority are being used by envious, evil, power hungry leftists who want to rule the world and play God. I make no apologies for loving my country and wanting to keep our sovereignty and liberties. And don't even bother to call me jingoistic (as you left leaning people always try to do) because it only proves YOUR hatred of America.
I disagree with you so I hate America. Well, I think your entire post only proves my point. If there was a chair you would have thrown it to a crowd yelling"Jerry, Jerry, Jerry." I am tempted to write more but you only proved everything I said with your reply. You're right. I shouldn't read your posts. What would be better is if you stopped spewing such hateful vomit.