Five Years Later, James Frey And Oprah Winfrey Rekindle Affair In Manhattan Hotel

Five years after his televised flaying at Oprah Winfrey’s hands, James Frey today returned to the talk show host’s program and said that he has never watched the January 2006 show, which he termed “a personal car crash for me.”

Sitting across from Winfrey in a penthouse suite at the Soho Grand Hotel in Manhattan, Frey said that he felt “steamrolled” and "ambushed" by the TV star and referred to the incident as a public stoning. He told Winfrey that he commissioned the artist Ed Ruscha, a friend of his, to create a painting entitled “Public Stoning.” The work (seen here) hangs in his Manhattan apartment.

Frey, appearing as one of Winfrey’s “Most Memorable Guests, said that he “never shed a tear” about the fallout from TSG’s disclosure that his book “A Million Little Pieces” was riddled with fabrications and embellishments. “Most writers of memoirs do what I did,” he said.

Frey recalled his first conversation with Winfrey, when she informed him that she had chosen his book as a selection for her book club. After hanging up the phone, he told his wife, “Our life just changed.” Frey added that he did not realize at the time how prophetic that statement was.

The second part of the Frey-Winfrey reunion is scheduled to air tomorrow.

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ever here the song called dirty laundry, talk about wanting to get ratings isnt that what the smoking gun was doing also ummm
n u all want 2 get down on Opera, really a women who is save made. n has more money than anyone one this web site, she is one of the richest women let me c, in the world, so about those ratings umm shes doing something right, n so what if she wants 2 forgive. i love Opera, always have she helps ppl out.
i said it once ill say it again, if i could of made a lot of money from a book i would have, n if anyone out there says any diffrent ur the one that is lying
wow i use to work in bars wiht druggies n alcoholics n they have kept journels n u can tell what a druggie goes through just by watching them n what is wrong with getting ratings
wow he lied so what, ppl said this book inspired them to get away from drugs, n publishers wouldent publish as a novel, as anyone taken that in to account, n ppl if u were in his shoes u would of done the same thing please who is without sin, b the one who throws the first stone, i have it, n i am going to read it,if i had to lie to get publish to get rich sorry peeps i woould after all i do have bills to pay n want to buy a house
I picked up this book @ a yardsale for .75 & resold it for mebbe a quarter, after I was informed of its' lack of credibility. It's a fantastic read for the uninitiated in the realm of substance abuse. I'll assume it was screened by an Oprah employee (she's busy, she ain't got time to do all that) & was then given some thumbs up billing. I can see how one could be duped. But to give this charlatan more airtime than he deserves just shows how shallow celebrities can be. Since Mr Frey has been exposed as a sham, why bother to shine more light on him? To me, it's to make HER look better, a forgiving person. Oh, and don't forget @ the ratings!!! If anyone who reads this decides to read his book (don't spend anything on it) keep in mind that NO drug addict keeps a journal or is able to write in such vivid detail @ all that happened. They're too busy getting high! Mr Frey is NOT a victim. Oprah's show held him up to be one. Oh, & one more thing: Why is the painting "Public Stoning" hanging in a PRIVATE place? Why doesn't he have it where it can be seen to garner public sympathy? B/c he LIED!!!
Oprah is stupid to have granted him yet ANOTHER interview, glamorizing his con while letting him ramble on about how he was the real victim and people lie all the time anyway. Let's all thank the Smoking Gun for exposing this thief.
This mutt James Frey is a walking trash can. He is an inveterate liar, wears a khaki and white t-shirt "uniform" and has dumpster diver breath. What does he know of Jesus to write about him in his new book? Frey has already been denied entrance to Heaven and if he tried, God would kick him in his nuts.
Ophrah's Book of the month selective group wouldn't know a good book if it sat on her head and spun counterclockwise while oozing honey...
While I am on the fence with Oprah and anything connected with her, her book club has brought some fine books up from the minors. Books that would have been lost without. Now, she blew it with Frey, the unapologetic garbage can asshat, they handled it well…I think. Too bad they can’t take all that money back.