Grabby Rabbi Gets Two Months In Prison For In-Flight Molestation

The rabbi convicted for a recent in-flight molestation was sentenced this morning to 60 days in prison and immediately placed into custody.

Gavriel Bidany, who faced a maximum of six months, was sentenced by Magistrate Judge Ramon Reyes, who found the grabby rabbi guilty during a bench trial earlier this month in U.S. District Court in Brooklyn. In announcing Bidany’s sentence, Reyes said that the defendant “testified falsely” at trial.

Bidany, 47, was convicted of fondling a 23-year-old woman aboard a March 27 Delta Airlines flight from Tel Aviv to New York City. Pictured in the mug shot at right, Bidany is a married father of 11 and lives with his family in Israel. The victim is an Israeli Army officer who was traveling to New York on a fundraising trip sponsored by Israel Bonds.

In a victim’s impact statement read by prosecutor David Sarratt, the woman remarked that she “lost my innocence” due to the fondling. She added that, “A burn leaves a scar which cannot be removed.”

Bidany’s sentencing came two days after three of his adult children wrote Reyes claiming that if their father was incarcerated their chances of finding a spouse via the matchmaking process would be hindered.

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Man, you know the problem I have with this situation, Is that I have seen several instances where an adult has repeatedly molested children and they had several different children come forward and tell the same story everytime and the person was never charged because of "lack of evidence". And then some rabbi touches some flight attendant's cooter or boob's or whatever and he gets 2 months in the pen????? Explain to me how our judicial system can possibly not protect our children from child molesters but a rabbi touches a titty and goes to prison?????? WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY????????????
I thought she was 23? Hand rape busted her hymen I guess. who knows. And this and every country has the same problem with those who are suppose to be holy leaders. I hope his synagogue rebukes him and is stripped of his religious rights as is called for in the Torah.
I gather Agent Orange is one of his many children who now will never be able to get married, and is resorting to have WITNESSED the "nothing-to-look-at" victim of the rabbi's groping, which the judge was satisfied DID take place. Agent Orange, maybe you can get a husband or a wife, or both, at Craig's List. And you deserve to have someone who is SOMETHING to look at! Also, Agent Orange, you might have more credibility if you learned how to spell anti-Semitism, which you say is the operative factor in this case. Oh, how clever to discern something that the judge was blind to! What does it look like when someone acts "like a sleuth"? You are SO smart, you can even find mates for all the children of the groping rabbi who would otherwise be doomed never to wed. Well, you SEE everything, for starters, and then you say "I would do her with yours"!! What does THAT mean? With friends like you, the groper needs no enemies, and we trust he'll find many gropable possibilities in jail. He won't care what sex, since he's not much to look at, either.
A filthy, perverted sex offender gets only two months??!!! If this guy wasn't a holier-than-thou rabbi, he'd have gotten a proper sentence. His children are obviously idiots, employing a unique matchmaking defense as an excuse for molestation.
I concur with this statement... To all the bleedin heart 'men'? Would YOU like this guy even touching your leg..let alone 'junk'??? I think not. (The ONLY reason, by the looks of him, that his 11 kids are whining is, well..they must REALLY need his...er...'Financial' status to get anyone to sleep with, let alone, marry them...*shudders*.
Perhaps Agent Orange is one of the Rabbi's kids?? He does protest a little too much. He knows the Rabbi personally? Yeah, and bears don't sh*t in the woods.
The rabbi's children complaining about how they need their father for matchmaking is strange. Is that the only defense they had for him? No 'our father is of moral character' or anything like that? I don't know if the rabbi is guilty as charged, but he does seem to be guilty of raising 3 brats.
Agent Orange - A special man? If it wasn't an Israeli woman who leveled the charge, you'd be screaming anti-semetism, but you can't claim that so you say he is falsely accused! You're the worst kind of scum bag!
I don't think her being Israeli neccessarily means that she's a practicing Jew. I'm sure some young Israelis also buck the religious establishment there just as our leftist American youth do here. Sfbadger, why are you calling names against Agent Orange when you are the one who definitely doesn't know the whole truth about the case and Agent Orange really might? We can't help but detect a bit of anti-semetism in your comments. After all, that seems to be all the rage right now, especially in leftist communities.
Yes, Agent Orange 'knows the whole truth' because he 'knows the rabbi.' You know... There have been many true monsters that people claim to have truly 'known,' and yet they could never have guessed these people were the monsters they really were. Unless you were actually there, your plaintive cries of 'he's a good man' fall on deaf ears. You can't really know unless it was YOU. Obviously the courts found there was something in the woman's story, a MILITARY OFFICER, that rang true.