MUG SHOTS: Tattoos

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Yes you are...
So did she put the tatoo "F it" before or after that hairstyle...? Just wondering....
i don't know why i can't be a super model.
Just so you know lady. It looks like there is a decomposing possum carcass on your head.
Looks like a decomposing possum carcass is on your head lady.
Post hair transplants
Didn't I see you on Operation Repo?
You said it.
What the Fark?
Wanted to be a Harikrishna but just got a 'Fark' tattoo instead.
it's ok just a some hair club for men and she will be good as new
just plain ugly
Shoot...That one looks like "dammit, I'll bit ya".
Used motor oil is good for mange.
That's just *** ugly. Someone actually bangs her?
I think if you run a comb through it, it'll look just fine.