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Woman Busted For Biting Off Beau's Ear

Victim, 53, waited day to report assault in Florida home


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Woman Bites Off Ear

JANUARY 10--A Florida woman bit off half of her boyfriend’s left ear during a fight Monday afternoon in the victim’s home, police report.

Sarah Wulchak, 32, was arrested Tuesday and charged with aggravated assault in connection with the alleged attack on Steve Bolin, who waited about 16 hours before contacting Volusia County Sheriff’s Office deputies about the assault.

The 53-year-old Bolin told investigators that he “waited overnight…because he was unsure if he wanted to pursue charges against Wulchak.” He decided to contact deputies “because he ‘couldn’t stand to look at his ear,’” according to a sheriff’s report.

Bolin said that he was sitting inside his residence eating a bowl of spaghetti when “a verbal argument ensued” between him and Wulchak, who is pictured in the above mug shot.

The dispute escalated when Wulchak reportedly jumped on Bolin’s back and began hitting him. Bolin told deputies that he “felt a sharp pain in his left ear and tried to pull away.” After separating from Wulchak, Bolin “assessed his injuries” and realized that “the top half of his ear” was missing.

The sheriff’s report does not indicate what happened to the portion of Bolin’s ear that had been bitten off.

Wulchak was arrested Tuesday morning in a room at a Howard Johnson motel. She acknowledged being involved in a physical altercation with Bolin, but claimed she was only “defending” herself. When asked about Bolin’s ear, Wulchak initially denied biting the victim, but added, “If I did it was because I was trying to get him off me.”

Wulchak, jailed in lieu of $1000 bond on the felony assault charge, has been booked into the Volusia County lockup on about 20 separate occasions over the past decade, according to jail records. (2 pages)