Strip Search Found Syringes Inside Woman

Kentuckian tried to smuggle hypodermics into jail

Woman's Jeans

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Needles In Vagina

JANUARY 8--A Kentucky woman is facing a felony rap after allegedly trying to smuggle two hypodermic needles hidden in her vagina into a Louisville jail, according to corrections officers.

Jessica Webster, 29, was arrested last night for her alleged role--along with her husband--in the burglary of a Louisville home. When collared, Webster was found in possession of jewelry taken from the residence. A post-arrest search also turned up a syringe containing heroin in her hooded sweatshirt.

Webster, pictured in the adjacent mug shot, was then transported to the county jail, where she was asked if she was in possession of any contraband. She answered no.

However, during a subsequent “pat search,” a jailer detected an object “in subj vaginal area,” according to a Louisville Metro Department of Corrections report. Webster was then subjected to a strip search, which yielded two hypodermic needles.

“Subj removed the needles from her vagina and I confiscated them,” reported an investigator, who added that Webster “admitted she hid the needles cause she is a heroin addict.” While the needles appeared empty, they “may have drug residue,” the jailer noted.

The syringes were placed in the Louisville Metro Police Department’s property room “for evidence storage.”

In addition to the original felony burglary count, Webster was charged with promoting contraband into a jail, a felony, and possession of drug paraphernalia, a misdemeanor. Webster, who was arraigned this morning in court, is being held in lieu of $1500 bond. (2 pages)