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Woman Busted For Meat Attack On Male Partner

Cops: Floridian, 42, threw raw steak at victim

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Steak Assault

AUGUST 9--A Florida Woman is facing a domestic assault charge for allegedly throwing a raw steak at her partner during a confrontation Sunday night in their residence.

Police say Rochelle Wright, 42, and the male victim were “involved in a verbal argument and were intoxicated” when the uncooked meat went airborne. Wright and the man, cops report, have been together for 20 years and are the parents of a juvenile.

According to a criminal complaint, Wright “became angry at the victim” while he was seated in a chair inside the family’s home in Tarpon Springs, a Tampa suburb. Wright, investigators allege, “subsequently picked up the steak and threw it at the victim.”

The meat, however, missed its mark. Instead, the steak struck the victim’s chair and a nearby wall. When questioned by police, Wright reportedly copped to the meat flinging, saying she was “tired of his behavior and their arguing.”

Wright, seen above, was arrested for domestic assault and booked into the county jail on the misdemeanor charge. She was released from custody yesterday afternoon on her own recognizance.

The complaint notes that the steak--identified as a “weapon”--was not confiscated by police. (1 page)