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Never Ask A Cop To Borrow His Gun

"Hey I need to use your gun!," said Deondrae Hall

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Cop Gun Borrow

JANUARY 26--“Hey, let me use your gun!” Deondrae Hall asked a Florida detective walking into the Boynton Beach Police Department headquarters. “I need to use your gun to take care of some niggas who robbed me,” Hall explained.

When his request was turned down by the cop, Hall petitioned a second officer who was leaving the precinct. “Hey I need to use your gun!,” he said.

Those inquiries early Thursday morning resulted in the arrest of the 38-year-old Hall (seen at right) on a variety of criminal charges, according to a police report.

Hall--who had been arguing with another man when he asked for a gun--was obviously intoxicated, noted cops, who added that the questions Hall posed “were not fitting for a person within his normal facilities to be asking a police officer.”

After removing Hall “from his bicycle in which he straddled,” police arrested him for public intoxication. A subsequent search of Hall turned up a small bag of cocaine, for which he was charged with narcotics possession.

Hall was also charged with corruption by threat for berating the two cops who declined to loan him their service revolvers. “I have a Glock 40 for your pussy ass bitch!” and “Fuck you juicy pussy cracker bitch!” were two of Hall’s comments.

Hall was released Saturday from the Palm Beach County jail on $5000 bond. (2 pages)