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Liposuction Fraudster Faces Felony Charge

Woman used stolen credit card for fat reduction

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Liposuction Fraud

JULY 25--A Florida woman is facing a felony fraud charge after using a stolen credit card to pay for a liposuction procedure at a cosmetic surgeon’s office, according to court records.

Natasha Bostick, 29, was arrested yesterday for fraudulently charging $3250 to the victim’s Visa debit card. Bostick was released from custody Monday evening after posting $2000 bond.

As detailed in an arrest affidavit, Bostick received the liposuction treatment last October in the Safety Harbor office of Dr. Andres Bonelli, whose web site describes him as a “liposuction surgery expert” who “offers procedures for body contouring purposes.”

Investigators charge that Bostick, in advance of her appointment with Bonelli, provided a credit card number over the phone (and then signed receipts when she arrived at the doctor’s office).

Like many of Bonelli’s patients, Bostick posed for photos taken before and after the liposuction procedure. The images proved crucial in subsequently identifying the 5’ 1”, 182-pound Bostick since they showed her distinctive tattoos (which include a heart with roses on her chest).

After being read her rights, Bostick reportedly confessed to “using the original cardholder’s card number to pay for her procedure.”

Bostick’s rap sheet includes a 2007 misdemeanor domestic violence collar. As a first time offender, Bostick--who then weighed 130 pounds--was subsequently placed in a deferred prosecution program.

Bostick, seen above, did not return a TSG call seeking comment on her arrest. (1 page)