DOCUMENT: Sex, Crime

Landlord Cops To Having Sex In Tenants's Bed

Security cam recorded Colorado creep in action

JULY 27--America’s worst landlord has pleaded guilty to sneaking into a married couple’s apartment and having sex on their bed with another man, an encounter that was recorded by a surveillance camera in the residence.

In a plea deal with Colorado prosecutors, Carlos Quijada-Lara, 39, last week copped to a trespassing charge in connection with his X-rated romp last November in the Colorado Springs home of victims Logan Pierce and Mikaela DiGiulio.

Quijada-Lara, seen at right, is scheduled for sentencing on the felony count on September 22, according to court records.

Quijada-Lara’s daytime tryst was discovered thanks to a Nest security system that was installed in the $1100-a-month apartment by the tenants. After Quijada-Lara and his partner entered the bedroom, Pierce received a notification on his phone that the surveillance system had detected noise in the residence.

Upon checking the camera feed, Pierce saw Quijada-Lara and another man (pictured above) in his bedroom.

A video of the six-minute tryst shows Quijada-Lara and his partner disrobing and engaging in oral and anal sex. When finished, Quijada-Lara’s partner wiped his genitals with the dress DiGiulio wore when she married Pierce last March. Quijada-Lara is also seen using a second garment to wipe a lubricant stain left on the bed sheet.

Quijada-Lara was arrested after Pierce provided the security footage to the Colorado Springs Police Department.

Pierce and DiGiulio (seen below) rented the apartment from Quijada-Lara after responding to a Craigslist ad. They vacated the premises upon discovering that Quijada-Lara used their home as a hook-up spot while they were at work.