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Arson Charge For Man Behind Dog Poop Prank

Pennsylvanian, 18, faces raps for Xmas Eve blaze

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Dog Poop Fire

DECEMBER 26--A crappy Christmas Eve prank landed a Pennsylvania man in jail on arson and other criminal charges, according to police.

Firefighters and cops were dispatched Monday at 3 AM following a report that a “bag of dog poop was lit on fire on a porch” in Shippensburg, a borough about 40 miles southwest of Harrisburg.

A female tenant told police she was awoken when other residents spotted the fire and began “yelling to call 911 and to get out of the house.” The fire was quickly extinguished and there was no damage to the residence.

Asked who might have set the bag of feces on fire, the tenant fingered Dylan Printz, 18, “due to them having a falling out that night and she told him he could not stay or be there anymore.”

Police subsequently located Printz, who reportedly copped to starting the fire. Seen above, Printz said that he “grabbed a brown paper bag from a Chinese food order” and filled it with dog poop. He then “put the bag of feces on the porch and lit it on fire with a Bic lighter.”

Printz, cops reported, said he set the fire to “get back at the people who lived there due to an earlier fight.”

Shippensburg cops arrested Printz on two felony counts--arson and risking catastrophe. He was also hit with misdemeanor reckless endangerment charges.

The teen--whose Facebook page lists his nickname as “Spyder”--is free on $20,000 bail and is scheduled for a January 7 pretrial hearing. Printz is pictured below in a photo from his Facebook page.(1 page)