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Kiss Me, I'm Busted

That's what we call muggin' it up for a booking photo

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Kiss Me, I'm Busted

JULY 30--The Maine man who kicks off this weeks mug shot roundup is facing a variety of charges, including making criminal threats and domestic violence. The 33-year-old was was busted last Saturday.

As for our other suspects, a few notes: 1) No, sadly, we do not have details of the lewdness allegedly perpetrated by the female arrestee on page #4; 2) It will likely come as little surprise that the 27-year-old Florida gent on page #5 also has a Good Ol Boy tattoo; and 3) As seen on page #9, the Gray Menace has allegedly struck again. This time, the 69-year-old pictured was popped for aggravated battery. (12 pages)

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can you say moron!
Color me stupid, but this says it is 12 pages and I can only see the first one.
I agree...please say what they were arrested for. Or even what they do for a living AND what they were arrested for - that's what makes Friday Fun Contest so much fun.
I love the new site layout! However, the only thing missing from the new mugshot roundup is text in the pop-up window stating what each person was busted for.