Anna Chapman, One Last Look

Russia's sexiest spy (and her covert cronies) seen in mug shots

Anna Chapman mug shot

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Russian Spy Mug Shots

JULY 28--As a new comely Russian expat has emerged on the tabloid/court docket scene, the original Anna--the deported Russian spy Anna Chapman--can be seen here in the last photo taken of her on American soil.

Chapman, 28, is pictured in a mug shot snapped following her arrest last month.

On the other pages in the document at left you'll find similar booking photos of Chapman's coconspirators, a motley crew of covert Russian agents sent here to gather intel for their Moscow handlers. The mug shots include photos of Natalia Pereverzeva (alias: Patricia Mills); Vladimir Guryev; (Richard Murphy); Lydia Guryev (Cynthia Murphy); Elena Vavilova (Tracey Lee Ann Foley); Andrey Bezrukov (Donald Howard Heathfield); Vicky Pelaez; Mikhail Semenko; Mikhail Anatonoljevich (Juan Lazaro); and Mikhail Kutsik (Michael Zottoli). (10 pages)

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The Spy who Shagged Me.
I'd hit it. She looks a lot like the Mechanic from Firefly.