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Human Waste Sought In Vile Market Act

Police: Perp defecated atop pizza roll packages

SEPTEMBER 15--Cops may have identified a man who defecated inside a freezer case at an Oklahoma supermarket, a vile act that that was discovered after an unfortunate shopper placed her hand in the waste while reaching for a bag of Totino’s pizza rolls.

According to investigators, the suspect opened a freezer door and relieved himself Sunday inside a Crest Foods market in Moore, an Oklahoma City suburb.

The suspect, a black man in his 20s wearing an Oklahoma City Thunder jacket or hoodie, is seen in the above store surveillance photo.

Police say a “person of interest” in the September 12 supermarket incident has been taken into custody in connection with a separate matter. A police spokesperson told TSG that the man’s name will be released “upon conclusion of this investigation and formal filing of charges by the District Attorney’s Office.”

Shirley Wright-Johnson, a Moore resident, was shopping with her two daughters when she reached into a freezer case for a bag of pizza rolls. Upon picking up the item, Wright-Johnson realized that she had human excrement on her hand.

The suspect apparently defecated on a bag of Totino’s pizza rolls and then placed another bag atop his waste. Police say store cameras recorded “decent video of the incident.”

In a video Wright-Johnson shot inside the supermarket, she recorded images of the stained merchandise and exclaimed, “I pick up a bag of pizza rolls and there’s literally shit.” She added, “Human shit. Excuse my language.”