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Cops: Woman Drugged, Groped During Polygraph

Lie detector expert busted for creepy incident


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Polygrapher Battery

DECEMBER 15--A polygraph examiner allegedly drugged a female client during an examination and then fondled her and sought sexual favors as she became disoriented and faint, according to Florida cops.

William McCallister, 58, was arrested yesterday and charged with extortion, attempted sexual battery, and delivery of a controlled substance in connection with the incident last Wednesday at his Winter Haven office.

McCallister, pictured in the mug shot at right, is a convicted felon who spent 15 years in prison for robbery, kidnapping, and administering barbiturates. That conviction stemmed from a probe in which he was “suspected of drugging women in the Orlando area,” cops noted.

According to an arrest affidavit, the woman and her husband went to McCallister’s office so that he could administer polygraph examinations for both of them. While cops do not further detail why the couple sought the lie detector tests, which cost a total of $1284, it appears that the polygraph examination dealt with marital fidelity.

After her husband’s polygraph was completed (and he departed), the woman entered McCallister’s office. She told police that she became nervous when McCallister locked the door and lowered the lights. That’s when McCallister offered her a “green-blue pill, which he took from a prescription bottle,” cops reported.

The woman ingested the pill as instructed by McCallister, who she referred to as a “doctor” in a police interview. “The victim believed that Mr. McCallister had the authority to administer medications,” according to the affidavit sworn by a Winter Haven Police Department detective.

As he moved his chair closer to the woman, McCallister allegedly told her that they had a “major problem” since she had shown deception in answers to the three questions he had asked her. “The victim told him that cannot be right because she told the truth,” the affidavit notes.

McCallister, cops charge, then told the woman how she could remedy her purported problem. “If you give me a blow job,” he said, "then I will tell your husband that you passed.” Recalling that she was becoming dizzy and faint, the woman said that McCallister warned that her spouse would divorce her if he found out she failed the polygraph test.

At this point, McCallister reached inside the woman’s shirt and began fondling her breasts. He then “reached his hand down in front of her and rubbed her vagina on the outside of her pants.” While he was groping, McCallister asked the woman a series of questions about her sex life and masturbation.

The woman said she felt light-headed “and wanted to faint” when her husband came to retrieve her from the office. As the couple was leaving, McCallister handed them their polygraph results, saying, "Don’t forget these.”

A subsequent hospital test revealed that the woman’s urine tested positive for the presence of a sedative. McCallister was arrested after the woman picked out his photo from a police lineup.

The arrest affidavit reveals that McCallister was named as a suspect in a remarkably similar case in 2007. In that matter, a woman alleged that McCallister “excessively brushed against” her breasts during a polygraph examination. The woman--whose husband had been polygraphed before her--told investigators that McCallister sought oral sex and “delved into questions of infidelity and specifically questions involving her giving oral sex to other men.” When McCallister took a can of Coke from the woman, she became afraid that “he was attempting to put something in her drink.”

McCallister, who was not charged in connection with the 2007 incident, is locked up in the Polk County Jail on the three new felony charges.

As seen above, according to his web site, McCallister offers polygraph examinations for a wide variety of topics, including “Relationship & Marital Issues.” A lie detector test, McCallister claims, will help a client get to the truth about whether their partner has been unfaithful.  Lines of McCallister inquiry include “Intimate Relations,” “Use of Escort or Prostitution Services,” and “Engaging in Online Cyber Sex or Pornographic Activities.” (4 pages)