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Woman Stabs Boyfriend Over Facebook Page

Despite knifeplay, combatants remain online friends


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Facebook Stabbing

JANUARY 3--An Indiana woman last night allegedly stabbed her boyfriend with a kitchen knife after he would not allow her to view his Facebook page, according to cops.

Maurice Davenport, 22, told police that he “had gotten into a verbal altercation over a Facebook page” with Shemicka McVey, 21, his live-in girlfriend. During the altercation, Davenport suffered a laceration to his left bicep, according to an Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department report.

A cop noted that Davenport reported struggling with McVey over a laptop computer “because McVey was attempting to view his webpage and he was attempting to keep her from viewing it.” The police report does not indicate why Davenport sought to limit access to his Facebook page.

McVey told Officer Jason Thalheimer that she followed Davenport downstairs, where the couple continued to argue over Davenport’s Facebook page (the couple’s two-year-old child was in an upstairs bedroom). It was during this ongoing dispute, McVey said, that she accidentally slashed Davenport with a knife she had retrieved from the kitchen.

McVey said that Davenport punched her in the head during the 11 PM argument and that each combatant pushed the other. But neither Davenport, who suffered a minor wound to his arm, nor McVey was charged in connection with the domestic dispute.

A check this morning of the couple’s respective Facebook pages (McVey’s page is here, while Davenport’s can be seen here) reveals that each combatant still lists the other among their friends. McVey is pictured above in her Facebook profile photo. (2 pages)

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