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Cops: Men Used Live Snake In Sex Assault

One suspect claimed encounter was consensual act


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Snake Sexual Assault

JANUARY 4--Two Wisconsin men allegedly sexually assaulted a woman with a live snake, according to a felony criminal complaint.

The graphic and disturbing complaint charges John Bullock, 24, and Damonta Jones, 25, with assaulting the victim during a November encounter at Jones’s Eau Claire home. Bullock (left) and Jones are pictured in the mug shots at right.

Details of the incident emerged yesterday when the pair--both of whom have lengthy rap sheets--pleaded not guilty to the felony count during a Circuit Court appearance.

The alleged victim, 32, told cops that she had gone with a friend to Jones’s home, where she danced and consumed “intoxicants” with a small group. At one point, she said, Jones “invited her into the back bedroom to see his children’s pictures.” The woman, identified in the complaint by her initials, recalled then being “struck in the head,” and possibly passing out.

The next thing she remembered, the woman told a detective, was “Bullock…behind her sexually assaulting her” while Jones held her. Jones, she recalled, then said, “I’m going to get the snake.” Shortly afterwards, according to the complaint, the woman “felt something inside of her. She believed the snake may have bitten her because she felt a very sharp pain and then they said, ‘Pull it out.’”

In a police interview, Bullock admitted having “sexual contact” with the victim, but claimed it was consensual. Jones--who has prior sexual assault convictions and is being monitored by a GPS tracker--initially denied hosting the November party at his home. Jones, a registered sex offender, later admitted that the victim, a female friend, and another individual were at his residence, but that “there were no other black males that he knows of that had come to the apartment.”

The alleged victim told investigators that after the assault she confronted Jones and asked who the other man was. He replied, “Benjamin Franklin,” according to the complaint. The woman added that she believed that Jones had videotaped her as she danced, but that he denied doing that when she questioned him. (3 pages)

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I feel nauseous. This is unspeakably traumatic for me,, just hearing about such depravity, heaven knows what that poor woman must be suffering psychologically as well as physically. I pray that she finds the strength to move past this.
If it were me ...i take the snake and ram it down his throat and give a great BJ joyride of his life to teach him a lesson ...evil moron.
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I don't like Snakes, I never have. Snakes Frighten Me. That's why I've trained Myself to stop, assess the situation, then Kill the Snake. That's worked out for Me at least two dozen times so far. People who know I'm afraid of Snakes will sometimes try to tease Me with their Snakes. Usually all I have to ask them is "Do You Like Your Snake? Do You Love Him? Do You want to see Me Kill Your Snake with Skill & Efficiency? 9 times out of 10 they take the Snake away. I've also heard "Oh You Killed a good Snake!" Well He's good now. With His Head cut off. So being so Scared of Snakes I'm very obsessive & know more ways to Kill a Snake than the Normal Human Should! When I started out I nearly Shot My Foot Off with a 12 Guage Killing a Snake. It was Close. Very Close. Moral of the Story is Always Look Before You Shoot! As for these Two Career Felons they should just be dropped into a Snake Pit. Like Indiana Jones. Thousands of Vipers. I heard when they Filmed that Scene the Director had them stop & told the Snake Wranglers too bring in More Snakes. He said the Floor didn't Slither Enough. Creepy, very creepy.
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Zeemadman - why do you put loads of capital letters in your sentences all the time? Did you ever go to school?
These are not Eau Claire people. One is from Racine, and the other is from Milwaukee, hundreds of miles away. They are in Eau Claire only because HUD and the Eau Claire Housing Authority have been working with Milwaukee's housing authority to move Section 8 people out of Milwaukee and into "non-traditional" areas like Eau Claire. Yes, momma or a girlfriend gets the voucher, the housing people make it attractive for them to move to Eau Claire and like magic the bad boys follow and bring their bad boy krew with them. And the local landlords are offered 20% above the fair market rental rate to go along with this travesty. That is how poverty and crime are being "reduced" in Milwaukee; they are being farmed out to Eau Claire. Social engineering at its worst. A fine small city, not so long ago chosen as one of the 10 Best Places to Live, is being trashed by the HUD Section 8 steamroller. Get ready. HUD could do this to your town next.
i would like to know why John Bullock was not identified as 'aka Benjamin Franklin' in the police report. this is sloppy detective work.
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There's some merit to what you say. However, this is my metaphor and it can be bottomless if I want it to be. Thanks for mentioning it though.
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