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Trump Name Graces Drug Case

Quaalude dealer beefed that "Donald" worker owed big tab

Donald Trump

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Trump Name Graces Drug Case

APRIL 7--In a wiretapped phone call last year, an alleged drug dealer complained that his business was suffering because "a rich girl I know who works for Donald Trump" was stiffing him on a hefty Quaalude tab.

Ralph Marazzo was one of 22 defendants named in a drug trafficking complaint unsealed today by federal prosecutors in Manhattan. According to the document, an excerpt of which you'll find here, Drug Enforcement Administration agents were listening to the 65-year-old Marazzo's phone calls last April when he began complaining about cash flow problems to an acquaintance who was seeking a loan.

"There's a rich girl I know who works for Donald Trump...she owes me $11,500 and $2580 on the side that she can't pay me. And these are rich beyond rich and they have no money...and she works for Donald Trump."

The wealthy Quaalude customer is not further described by Marazzo, a Long Island resident, or identified in the U.S. District Court filing. But don't let that stop you from making those "You're Fired" jokes.