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Fetish Friendship Turns Foul

Flatulence fan claims assault by man he met online

Oklahoma City Police Department

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Fetish Friendship Turns Foul

APRIL 8--In a police report that reads as if it was written for the Howard Stern show, an Oklahoma man who enjoys 'the sound and smell of farts' has told cops that he was sexually assaulted by a man he met online.

As detailed in this Oklahoma City Police Department report, the men met in a chat room in February and subsequently exchanged a series of sexually charged text messages. The 27-year-old victim, who cops report has autism, told investigators that he was lonely and was seeking to 'make friends that had the same fetish for 'farts.'' However, when the pair met ten days ago, the victim claims that he was forced to engage in a variety of sexual acts while in the suspect's bedroom.

The encounter ended, the victim said, when the man told him, 'My mom is going to get up and go to work soon, so you need to go.' Police, who redacted the names of both men from the crime report, have not made an arrest in connection with the alleged incident. Asked why he still met with the suspect after receiving the lewd text messages 'if he did not want to do any of it,' the victim answered that he 'thought they could just 'fart' and be friends.' (3 pages)

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Can't he just have went on YouTube and put in "people farting" in the search bar?