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Woman In Drive .55 Bust

Oregon DUI arrestee sets TSG female blood alcohol content record

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Woman In Drive .55 Bust

DECEMBER 27--Meet Meagan Harper. The Oregon woman recorded a whopping .55 blood alcohol content reading after police found her passed out last month in a car parked outside a pizza joint.

The 30-year-old Harper, who has several prior drunk driving convictions, yesterday appeared in a Clackamas County court, where a judge set her bail at $50,000. At the time of her arrest, Harper was taken to an Oregon hospital, where her BAC was measured at nearly seven times the state's .08 limit. Considering her clear eyes and alert appearance, it seems that the below mug shot of the 5' 11', 130-pound Harper was taken after she sobered up.

Harper's .55 ranks her second on the list of arrestees with towering BAC contents (as covered by TSG). She trails only Indiana's Willard Ashley III, who blew a remarkable .69 in October 2003. (1 page)