Take Me Out To The Brawl Game

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Take Me Out To The Brawl Game

With the Little League World Series now complete, The Smoking Gun wants to dispel any notions that tyke baseball games are anything more thanexcuses for parents, coaches, and fans to act like morons. To wit:

1) According to these Edgewater, Florida police reports, fan Karl Lutzgot rather worked up during a recent Yard Dogs game. After cussing from the stands, Lutz allegedly beat up the team's coach while the tiny ballplayers watched. What a life lesson. (4 pages)

2) Following a game between the Boca Raton Patriots and the Palm Beach Baseball Academy, opposing coaches got into an altercation that had to be broken up by a park ranger. But not before one coach, according to these Boca Raton police reports, dropped trou and mooned the opposition. Also catching this clown's act were members of the Okeeheelee Bobcats, who were just waiting to use the field. (4 pages)

Name the felonious athlete.


Take on Ted Kaczynski. If you dare.