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Stripper Strictures & A Stealth Sale

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Stripper Strictures & A Stealth Sale

eBay Stealth Fighter

Today, TSG examines strippers and the Stealth bomber:

1) And you thought it was easy working as a naked entertainer? Here's a copy of the "rules and procedures" given to women working at a New York City strip club formerly known as Tens. This document addresses all the key points--dirty dancing, table dances, how to "please a customer." It also advises performers on dress code requirements: sequins are a must and accessorizing is crucial (thigh-high boots and gloves are recommended). Employees are reminded that they should strive to "look like you are going to a wedding or a cocktail party." Click here for some other intriguing rules. (7 pages)

2) While not as ingenious as the recent bogus auction of a cocaine stash, this eBay offering of a Stealth fighter plane (only $10 million!) is still rather inspired. We're surprised that the Chinese government has yet to place a bid (though they might already have the underlying technology). (1 page)