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Spackled, Shackled

One mug shot roundup arrestee faced the music his way

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Spackled, Shackled

MAY 7--The perp who kicks off this week's mug shot roundup has been a frequent visitor to the jail in Kansas City, Kansas (he was most recently held on a burglary rap). The photo, snapped after one of the 51-year-old's many busts, is a mystery to us.

As for the remaining suspects, a couple of notes: 1) Pictured on page #2, exotic dancer Sarah Satterfield was arrested Saturday on an obscenity charge for violating Ohio regulations covering adult establishments. Satterfield, 26, is a triplet who has posed naked in Playboy with her two sisters. Hence that distinctive bunny pendant; and 2) As seen on the t-shirt worn by the Kentucky gentleman on page #9, Saturday the 13th apparently makes poor Jason blue. The 24-year-old was popped Tuesday for violating a protective order. (15 pages)