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Rapper's Bentley Held Hostage

Lawsuit: California ride-pimper claims Lil Wayne owes him $80,000

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Rapper's Bentley Held Hostage

JANUARY 8--A California auto customizer claims that the rapper Lil Wayne has stiffed him on an $80,000 bill--and the businessman is holding the performer's Bentley sedan as collateral.

According to a lawsuit filed last month by businessman LeMarck deAndre, Lil Wayne (real name: Dwayne Carter) agreed to pay at least $120,000 for the repair and refurbishment of a 1999 Bentley, which is pictured here. However, after the 25-year-old rapper belatedly paid $78,000 for work on his ride, deAndre contends, Carter refused any further payments.

deAndre's December 18 Alameda Superior Court complaint, which you'll find here, charges that Carter owes nearly $80,000 in fees for the storage of the burgundy Bentley, which apparently was going to be shipped from northern California to Louisiana, home to Carter and Cash Money Records, the label Carter headed until last year. (8 pages)