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MTV Real World Star Arrested

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MTV Real World Star Arrested

Williams Felony Complaint

Williams, 30 Days

A star of MTV's "Real World" series just pleaded guilty in Los Angeles to swiping a car, but still has to face separate charges stemming from his arrest last year for, of all things, prostitution.

Stephen Williams, 23, pleaded guilty yesterday (3/28) to taking a 1988 Toyota Camry without the owner's consent (click here to view the original three-page felony complaint). Williams entered his plea to a reduced misdemeanor count in Compton Municipal Court and was sentenced to three years probation and 30 days in the L.A. Men's Central Jail, according to this sheriff's record.

When LAPD cops arrested Williams, a cast member in the "Real World" series set in Seattle and a recent participant in MTV's "RealWorld/Road Rules Challenge," they discovered he was wanted for failing to make court appearances related to a January 2001 arrest on two misdemeanor counts.

According to the criminal complaint filed against Williams by the L.A. City Attorney (which you'll find here), he got popped for hustling in Hollywood, with police alleging that he "entered vehicle" in furtherance of his solicitation bid (said car apparently being operated by an undercover cop). The second misdemeanor rap charges Williams with loitering in a public place "with the intent to commit prostitution."

Williams has a court date scheduled for April 15, according to a sheriff's record.

According to MTV's web site, Williams "works as a talent booker and on-air talent" for, an Internet radio/audio site. But the defunct site's owner, David Zendzian, told TSG that Williams never worked there and that he has not seen Williams in 18 months.

Among many grating "Real World" personalities, Williams distinguished himself as the only one to actually strike a fellow castmate. The 6'2" Williams was filmed smacking diminutive Irene McGee in the head after she told him, "A marriage between you and I would never work out. You know that. You're a homosexual." Williams responded, "You think I'm a homo?"

The clip of that unsettling incident has been played ad nauseum on MTV, which apparently considers the 1998 confrontation a high point of its reality TV canon. (3 pages)