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Lenny Dykstra, Head Case

Woman sues ex-ballplayer over nasty late-night encounter

Lenny Dykstra

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Lenny Dykstra, Head Case

MARCH 10--A woman who briefly worked for Lenny Dykstra charges that the former baseball star groped her breasts and tried to push her down on a bed in his Los Angeles mansion after the ex-athlete solicited a 'blow job,' according to a federal court filing.

In a U.S. Bankruptcy Court complaint, Jacqueline Massaro describes an incident that allegedly occurred last May at Dykstra's Woodland Hills estate (according to Massaro, Dykstra hired her that month as his 'Estate Manager/Personal Assistant'). A few days after getting the job, Massaro--who lived in San Diego--was summoned one night by Dykstra to drive three hours to his home. When Massaro arrived around midnight, Dykstra was not home, according to her February 19 complaint, a copy of which you'll find here.

When he got there, Dykstra, 47, yelled at her to get to work. Since it was nearly 1 AM, Massaro asked, 'what he could possibly want her to do.' Dykstra, who played 12 Major League seasons and won a World Series championship with the New York Mets, then told Massaro to get the 'fuck out of my house, it's not going to work out, just leave.'

Massaro contends that when she went to her room to pack for the return trip to San Diego, Dykstra came into the room and said, 'So, you have nowhere to go, give me a blow job and you can stay the night.' Massaro claims that after she complained of being disrespected, Dykstra proceeded to put his hands on her breasts 'while trying to push her onto the bed.' Massaro said that she screamed, escaped Dykstra's clutch, and ran out of the house and drove away.

Massaro's complaint was filed in bankruptcy court, where Dykstra last year sought Chapter 11 protection, citing liabilities of $37.1 million and assets of $24.6 million. Massaro's complaint came at the deadline for the filing of 'adversary actions,' which seek to determine whether certain debts can be discharged during the bankruptcy process. (4 pages)