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69 Busted In South Carolina

Disorderly conduct charges for pair caught in rocking van

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69 Busted In South Carolina

MARCH 9--While on patrol early Sunday morning at a mall in Orangeburg, South Carolina, a cop noticed a parked Chevy conversion van rocking. When Corporal William Murphy shined a light though the vehicle's back window, he spotted Shanna Byrd, 30, and Ronald Braxton, 32, in the altogether.

Specifically, according to an Orangeburg Department of Public Safety report, 'Mrs. Byrd's head was at Mr. Braxton's groin area and Mr. Braxton's head was at Mrs. Byrd's groin area.' When the naked couple did not respond after being bathed in 15 seconds of portable police spotlight, Murphy started knocking.

Which did not please Braxton, who uncoupled from Byrd (the pair is seen in the mug shots at left). After Murphy identified himself, Braxton responded, 'Fuck you. Who is it?' Despite Murphy's order to open the van's door, Braxton, continuing to curse out the officer, refused to exit (during the brief standoff, Braxton took the time to smoke a post-coital cigarette).

After dressing, Byrd eventually opened the door, and she was busted along with Braxton for misdemeanor disorderly conduct. Cops reported that both arrestees were intoxicated. The amorous pair might have gone undetected, of course, had their van not been parked, with its engine running, underneath a light pole. (4 pages).