Kooky Con Outs Ruby And Oswald

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Kooky Con Outs Ruby And Oswald

San Jose Cat Killer

The JFK assassination has sparked countless conspiracy theories and wild tales, many springing from the minds of kooks. Here's one of our favorites, an account provided to the FBI by Michigan inmate James Kneider, who claimed that years before Jack Ruby stuck a gun in Lee Harvey Oswald's chest, he may have stuck...well, you're gonna have to read it yourself. (4 pages)

BEWARE: A cat killer's on the loose in San Jose. And,according to this police flyer, this nut is preying on some of California's most trusting pussies. (1 page)

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I`ve studied the entire 4 day weekend of events,for 45 yrs now,,& I `ve never heard of this claim,& I don`t believe it; just due to the "macho" attitude that all gangsters were supposed to have had at that time.Jack Ruby would have rather cut his dick off,than be considered a limp wrist........Although the word was out on Oswald,& still is......