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Hard-Boiled Egg Alert!

Chart-topping Rihanna's backstage demands highlight new rider adds

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Hard-Boiled Egg Alert!

NOVEMBER 7--We've just posted new concert riders for Bjork, Rage Against the Machine, Daughtry, Taylor Swift, M.I.A., Vanessa Hudgens, and Rihanna, whose various tour demands are excerpted here.

The chart-topping pop star (real name: Robyn Fenty) requires a '5 star premium' hotel, two Trish McEvoy candles ('Light and fruity glass incased!'), 'good quality' tortilla chips, and 'fire hot' crunchy Cheez Doodles.

Her dressing room must also be outfitted with a 'professional make up mirror.' And in case promoters were unfamiliar with such devices, Rihanna helpfully includes a color photo for comparison purposes. The 2008 tour rider also notes (warns?) that Rihanna may also ask for hard-boiled eggs at any point before a show.

With regard to security, the document reports that concertgoers are barred from bringing political banners into a venue. Also, a 'Crowd profile' makes it seem that the Rihanna audience is rather lethargic. Grading on a scale of one (quiet) to 10 (chaotic), the singer's followers are judged to be a two. Not surprisingly, the rider notes, there has been 'No History of crowd disorder.' (4 pages)