Rage Against the Machine

At the conclusion of Rage Against the Machine's 2008 tour, guitarist/band leader Tom Morello's suitcase must have been brimming with tube socks and boxer shorts.

Like several other alternative bands, Rage requires promoters to stock the band's dressing room with socks and cotton underwear (four large pairs and two medium pairs) before every concert.

The group's tour rider, an excerpt of which you'll find here, also calls for a fine assortment of beer and champagne. And you know that when singer Zack de la Rocha takes a break from discussing Chomsky, unjust wars, and fascism backstage, he enjoys those Starburst candies and Hershey's Assorted Miniatures. (2 pages)

Random Demands

Prunes In Juice

Van Morrison enjoys prunes in juice. There will be no "brown eyed" jokes here.

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