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Bill Cosby's "Prior Bad Acts"

Alleged sex assault victim says 10 other women will come forward

Bill Cosby rape

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Bill Cosby's "Prior Bad Acts"

APRIL 20--Attorneys for the woman suing Bill Cosby for sexual assault claim that at least ten other women are prepared to testify about "prior similar sexual assaults and/or drugging incidents" perpetrated by the comedian.

The claim about additional alleged Cosby victims is contained in court papers filed yesterday by lawyers for Andrea Constand, the former Temple University employee who charged in a March lawsuit that the 67-year-old performer drugged and sexually assaulted her during a January 2004 visit to Cosby's Pennsylvania home.

Of the ten alleged victims, nine are not named in Constand's court papers, referred to instead as "Jane Doe witnesses" (these women are said to currently reside in California, New Mexico, Florida, Nevada, Colorado, Ohio, and Arizona). A tenth woman, lawyer Tamara Green, publicly accused Cosby of abuse after Constand's allegations surfaced earlier this year.

Of the nine "Jane Doe witnesses," six are represented by Pennsylvania lawyer Joyce Dale, executive director of Delaware County Women Against Rape. Two other women, according to the filing, are believed to be seeking to retain counsel.

In addition to the ten women, Constand's lawyers are also seeking New York police and prosecution records relating to a 2000 abuse claim reportedly lodged against the star by a "Cosby Show" cast member named Lachele Covington.

Cosby has denied all abuse allegations, none of which have resulted in criminal charges against the comedian. (5 pages)

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There was a time I thought Cosby was a funny guy -- and a somewhat convincing actor -- who had the ability to throw in some mildly effective social commentary in the process. Unfortunately, some time ago it seemed he became a card carrying member of the "Sexual Assault of the Year" Club. Maybe some of these charges are bogus but I can't believe they all are. I can only surmise that Camille and the real victims know for sure. Not surprisingly, all these cases somehow disappear before they get to the courtroom. I'm thinking it's money connected silence but I'm such a cynic. So this big time, Hollywood celebrity, gets caught with allegations of possessing roofies and with his pants down. OK, as illegal and immoral as these "Bad Acts" are I can shrug off Cosby's alleged criminal behavior even though it's obviously unequal treatment under the law. However, what really chaps my ass is when some kind of racial inequity makes the news, mostly in the Philadelphia or New York area, America's moral compass, "Dr. Bill", is called upon to espouse his righteous indignation and pass judgment on these misguided miscreants. I, for one, find the hypocrisy is as tragic as it is laughable. F.Scott Fitzgerald got it right... the rich are different than you and me.