Perp Felled By Deputy’s Use Of Testicle Tactic

Will ball grab trigger police use of the purple nurple?

Crotch Grab

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Cop Crotch Grab

AUGUST 25--Meet Samuel Fazio.

When Colorado cops arrived Monday at a Mesa County home to arrest him, the 22-year-old began grappling with officers in an attempt to flee. When Fazio ignored repeated orders to stop resisting, a sheriff’s deputy employed an unorthodox tactic to control him.

“I reached between his legs and grabbed his testicles until he stopped resisting and we were able to place him in handcuffs,” reported Deputy Hassan Hassan. “Constant pressure was not applied to Fazio in this manuever as I let up as soon as he quit resisting and gained compliance.”

Hassan added that his testicle grab lasted only a few seconds.

While not taught in the police academy, sheriff’s department officials have defended the gonad grab as an appropriate way to control an unruly suspect like Fazio (who elbowed Hassan in the face during the scrum, causing lacerations on the deputy’s lips).

It is unclear whether deputies are considering future use of related practices like the purple nurple or the atomic wedgie.

Cops had attempted to arrest Fazio days earlier during a traffic stop, but he crawled out the passenger door window of his Volkswagen Jetta and disappeared into bushes leading to an open field.

In his haste to escape, Fazio left behind his 21-month-old son in the vehicle. The abandoned child was crying in his car seat and had his arms outstretched when approached by a deputy. (3 pages)