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A Tribute To Britney Spears

Will motherhood temper America's favorite pop tart?

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A Tribute To Britney Spears

APRIL 13--Now we know how our grandparents must have felt when Shirley Temple had her first baby.

The official news that Britney Spears is pregnant signals the passage of youth for millions of Americans, and, for TSG, means the possible tempering of one of our site's most popular document generators.

In tribute to the new mommy-to-be, we present a look back at a few popular pieces about TSG's favorite pop tart, starting with her backstage concert rider. And while we're certain Spears will never achieve the stateswoman-like status of Ms. Temple-Black, we fear we'll not see the likes of this stuff again.

Congratulations, Britney and Kevin. (5 pages)