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Meet The Felon With The Golden Voice

The lengthy rap sheet of sensation Ted Williams

Ted Williams

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Williams Police Report

JANUARY 5--Before becoming the country’s most distinctive new voice, Ted Williams compiled a lengthy rap sheet that landed him in several Ohio lockups on a variety of criminal charges, according to law enforcement records.

Williams, 53, has been busted for theft, robbery, escape, forgery, and drug possession. He is pictured at right in mug shots (click to enlarge) taken as a result of those Ohio collars, which stretch back more than two decades.

The convicted felon’s speedy rise to fame is not sitting well with one Columbus businessman who called cops on Williams and a female companion in early-July. The man, a manager at National Tire & Battery, told cops that Williams and the woman were “refusing to leave the business property” and had become an “ongoing problem” for the business, according to a police report.

While Williams begged customers for money, the woman “gets picked up and dropped off in the parking lot by various and numerous males in different vehicles. The management had repeatedly asked the two suspects to stay off the property and have been cussed and yelled at by the suspects for their effort.”

Cops warned Williams and his companion that they would be arrested if they returned to the property. The businessman, who only wanted to be identified as Dan, told TSG that Williams’s newfound notoriety had left him a “little aggravated.” The man said that he had seen Williams urinate in front of the business, and watched recently as he and his female friend stripped to their underwear as they changed into dry clothes during a rainstorm.

Dan added that his company shares a lot with a Lowe’s store, and he has seen Williams stealing items from cars parked by customers visiting the home improvement firm. “He’s basically been a thief for the past two years,” Dan said. The businessman added that last month he saw cops putting Williams in a squad car. However, the Columbus Division of Police had no record of Williams being collared in December. (1 page)

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Actually he does represent a form of evil. Ask some of his victims how they feel about him.
His "Victims?" I'm still waiting on where we can even see that this police report is for Ted Williams, because at this current moment I don't even see a name or description of him.
sucks to be you.
LOL, nice. At a loss of witty comebacks? Come on red rover!
The guy making the bitter little complaint in order to derail Ted's chance at overcoming his past is doing so from the safety of his anonymity. Very courageous citizen. I shall waste no time in considering the value of your indignant outrage.
Maybe you'd feel differently if he was pimping from your driveway and pissing on your roses?
No, not at all. Considering that I have been were he's been and managed to make it out, that gives me an obligation to help someone like him.
That's very nice of you. However, nonetheless there are consequences for being a low life and criminal. The rest of us have been providing for and being victimized by this felon for many years and have a right to judge him by his actions.
I'm not gonna take a side as such in this discussion but I will say that regardless of the past sins, I wish this guy the best. I've seen locals where I live who had similar backgrounds who never made it and usually ended their lives tragically. One or two made it against all odds and are productive citizens now. I hope Ted is one of those. Damn! I wish I had a voice like that. I'd be doing the movie trailer voiceovers!
Actually I agree with you. I hope he does pull his head out. The world is littered with some of the most amazingly talented losers, failures and criminals. The old saying that it's 90% effort, 10% talent is very true.
The sudden fame of this sleazy criminal and bottom feeder ought not be a surprise to anyone. He and Paris Hilton can start hanging out together .
I know everyone is entitled to an opinion but for goodness sake Ted Williams is getting a shot at another chance to turn his life around. Just be happy for the guy and stop trying to be sour pusses every chance you get.
Directly above I see that he has had at a minimum, 12 previous second chances.
Something tells me you and I have different idea's about second chances.
Probably we do. Each time he stood before a judge, parole officer, probation officer or social worker.... he had another chance to do the right thing. I hope that now that fate has given him this huge break, he can go from pissing on businesses and pimping his girlfriend to being the wonderful person who once abandoned his six children.
So what are you suggesting, 12 and out, we should put him before that GOP invention called the "Death Panel"?
No. The next time he is arrested he needs to lose the ability to prey on society permanently. Correction, liberals invented "death panels", conservatives merely pointed it out.
Give him a chance? Chances? Seems like he's had plenty of opportunities. And the original video, admittedly staged by the newspaper guy that found him as reported on The Today Show? That intersection has been covered in snow for weeks, meanwhile he's walking around on green grass. This is a PR opportunity that seems to be working for now, until he lashes out at someone on camera or more people come forward to press charges against him. Good luck getting paid too, every victim will be garnishing his wages including city, county and state officials for unpaid tickets, court costs, loss of property and other damages. You don't get a free pass on that. I get it, everyone deserves a chance but this guy has had several and there are plenty of law-abiding, out of work DJs in Ohio that would love to have some voiceover work.
I live right near the Lowes he was near, and in fact, that is the hardware store I shop at. There was not snow on the ground until last night. New years eve it was in the 60s. Hard for snow to stick at that temp. Anyhow, if I remember correctly, the video was shot in November and the guy who filmed it only now released it during a slow news day. Regarding the convictions . . . do you really expect a homeless person to survive without breaking the law? Trespassing, theft, etc . . . it's practically a requirement. He's not like you, nice car, bank account, comfy bed . . . this guy had nothing!! Until you can spend a few months without a home or any assets, don't judge him.
Chicken and egg, tbgwio, chicken and egg. It's not a requirement and he WAS like me, nice car, bank account, comfy bed, 6 kids (4 daughters, 2 boys) loving wife, great job, etc. The choice to hit the crack pipe and cast everything else aside should not be rewarded with anyone's sympathy, even if it is 18 years later. His downward spiral was a consequence of his own actions. Even his mother agrees. He didn't spend 18 years trying to better himself, he chose to live within "the element". I do agree that the story is heartwarming to some extent, and it pains me to see interviews with him as he is certainly mentally disturbed these days but don't throw money at the problem, get him the treatment he needs, then employ him. Oh and tbgwio, don't judge me either, just because I have a PC and wi-fi access does not mean that I am not a few hundred dollars away from being homeless. No one is "practically required" to break the law, no one.
Yes actually, I do expect a homeless person to survive without breaking the law. Ever heard of food banks, homeless shelters, welfare and day labor?
Yep, and none of them currently have the funds and availability for all the homeless people in the US. Not even close! How much did you donate in 2010?
Really? Mind showing me any evidence at all that this man has been refused any of these benefits? I donated 28% of my income last year.
Your link is broke. As is your argument. Poverty in this country is no excuse for criminality. Every liberal feels the way you do until one of these fine fellows robs, rapes or beats you.
If this guy is willing to change his ways from now on, he definitely deserves a second chance, and everyone needs to chill out... It sounds like he just needed that one "break" to get out of that crappy situation.... and he had been doing what he HAD to do to stay alive...
A quick glance above and what do we see? Twelve "second chances".
A quick glance above and what do we see? You using those 12 pictures as a huge crutch. I really hope you or someone you know falls on hard times. Kharma's quite the bitch :)
Interesting, I've never heard empirical evidence referred to as a "crutch". Though I do understand your need to try and diminish it. Those mug shots make a joke out of your argument. However, millions of people in this country struggle with hard times. The very few that prey on society are called criminals. They aren't to be pitied.
This guy has the best combination of mullets + moustaches since Hall & Oats.
i just wish EVERYONE would just leave this guy alone so what if he made SOME mistakes WE ALL HAVE ive bn to that ntb location and DAN AND HIS FRIENDS ARE CROOKS they tried to sell me stuff i DID NOT NEED OR WANT so i ask WHO IS THE REAL CRIMINAL HERE?
He will draw a crowd with his voice, and most likely because of his internet celebrity status, so the owners will use him as much as they can. Squeeze every drop of fame out of him for the almighty dollar, and ticket sales. Do you really think they give a flying f*** about his criminal record? He has a marketable talent, he will make a lot more money for his employers than he will ever see I'm sure! I say good luck to the man and make the $$ while you can.
I just have a hunch that somebody's going to regret acting completely on emotion and compassion, not doing a background check.
I wish him the best however...
ok i only made this account 2 tell u asshats 2 go 2 hell! this is obviously a man who fell on troubled times and is trying 2 redeem himself. 2 go and find shiat on this man, my god hes over 50, makes u people really look like shiat!!! Ted Williams u deserve it all right now DONT let scumbags like this get u down!!!!
hy its great that he wants to straighten out his life let's not give this gave him the entire keys to the entire kingdom till he proves that he can use them correctly let's remember he has a lengthy rap sheet and a drug habit he's been homeless you give someone like that the keys to the kingdom with out any proof that he knows how to use the correctly and i'll be at it again i also think that any job offers given to mr. williams should come with sone very stiff firm guidelines like attending a regular twelve step program and then also random drug testing then i might be in favor of giving him the keys
you haters are ***.. i love it..keep hating!! bty best of luck Ted
You racists can't tell the difference between any minority class. For one he is not black and two, if he is, he must be doing better than you are fiscally. The fact that he even had a female in his company means that he has surpassed you socially. You are an idiot. Sad idiot. When you are on your death bed you won't be worrying about what ethnicity your nurse is. You are going straight to Hell. Get ready.
i totally agree with Jimkrowrouter. oh wait a minute. i just agree with jim crow.
i totally agree. these guys are just idiots. i am glad to add you as an ally here. to know that you take my side in this matter just warms my heart. this guy "deuces" is just a childish racist with a computer and internet connection. probably dial-up hahahaha! i really like that name where did you come up with that. that name just speaks to my soul. i am so glad that we are friends now. maybe we can get a card game going with "dan" or something one of these weekends. i can teach you some of my MMA that i know.
Meet the new politically correct host of the show: "Mr Roger's Neighborhood Intersection Panhandlers". "Won't You Be My Neighbor"???? He might be a qualified Hedge Funds manager with all his experience.
brantumbo, I can't remember the last time I've seen such masterful use of satirical trollery. Very entertaining! I am disappointed in TSG though. Seems like there isn't as much of a smoking gun on Mr. Williams as we were lead to believe, more like they are trying to whore out any little document they can find to draw hits on their site - much like the main stream media I guess, but I always held TSG to a higher standard.
Holy shiat! That dude looks just like Barack Obama...does our President have ANOTHER homeless relative wondering around?
Hi, my name is "chance43560", I'm an idiot.
Giving the man a job is not going to miraculously stop him from drinking and smoking crack. It is good someone is giving him a second chance. After his 15 minutes of fame have run its course lets see how well he is doing in a couple of months.
In case you hadn't noticed, the man has been clean for two years. With a job he will have a reason not to relapse, Take it from someone who's done that, been there and bought the t-shirt.
A 31 minute account? Were you the kindhearted teacher named "miss" the other day condemning the brutal and nasty teachers you work with at Roosevelt Middle School in OK? Even your writing style is uncannily similar.
brantumbo....... how do I love thee.... your humor and ability to incite the masses made my sad sad day.
He played a mean bass with Thin Lizzy in the 70s.
brantumbo, why all the hostility? From what I read in your post, I will no longer be going to NTB every again in my life for reasons because I am scared of YOU. Not homeless people, YOU. Thanks. As far as Ted Williams is concerned...yes, we all make mistakes and some people have mistakes that no one knows about. At least he owns up to his past problems and all we can do as a society is hope that he does not take the path that he did before. Life with out crime, drugs and alcohol is a good one and I can't imagine why anyone would ever want to find themselves in that same senario again. When people are faced with homelessness you tend to go in the path of least resistance....meaning stealing, booze..etc. But given an opportunity that he has been given, he should take it and do good with it. I completly agree with MISFIT...look at all of those "CRIMINALS" in executive offices, congress and anywhere else? Why are they any diffrent? Go Ted Go and prove all of the nay-sayers wrong.