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Meet The Felon With The Golden Voice

The lengthy rap sheet of sensation Ted Williams

Ted Williams

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Williams Police Report

JANUARY 5--Before becoming the country’s most distinctive new voice, Ted Williams compiled a lengthy rap sheet that landed him in several Ohio lockups on a variety of criminal charges, according to law enforcement records.

Williams, 53, has been busted for theft, robbery, escape, forgery, and drug possession. He is pictured at right in mug shots (click to enlarge) taken as a result of those Ohio collars, which stretch back more than two decades.

The convicted felon’s speedy rise to fame is not sitting well with one Columbus businessman who called cops on Williams and a female companion in early-July. The man, a manager at National Tire & Battery, told cops that Williams and the woman were “refusing to leave the business property” and had become an “ongoing problem” for the business, according to a police report.

While Williams begged customers for money, the woman “gets picked up and dropped off in the parking lot by various and numerous males in different vehicles. The management had repeatedly asked the two suspects to stay off the property and have been cussed and yelled at by the suspects for their effort.”

Cops warned Williams and his companion that they would be arrested if they returned to the property. The businessman, who only wanted to be identified as Dan, told TSG that Williams’s newfound notoriety had left him a “little aggravated.” The man said that he had seen Williams urinate in front of the business, and watched recently as he and his female friend stripped to their underwear as they changed into dry clothes during a rainstorm.

Dan added that his company shares a lot with a Lowe’s store, and he has seen Williams stealing items from cars parked by customers visiting the home improvement firm. “He’s basically been a thief for the past two years,” Dan said. The businessman added that last month he saw cops putting Williams in a squad car. However, the Columbus Division of Police had no record of Williams being collared in December. (1 page)

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This article is an un-sourced bit of journalistic trash. Anyone can call the police on anyone standing on their property, criminal trespass is what that issue to skate boarders on peoples property. Give me a break.
These comments are absurd. "Everyone deserves a second chance. EVERYONE." EVERYONE? Would you say that if he were a child molester? I think not. "He's a good guy..." How would you know? Ask the people he's robbed if he's a good guy. Anyway, second chance? He has had way more chances that that. He is a career criminal and some of you are acting as if he is some sort of innocent victim. Give me a break.
Are there any comments, reports or any other reference about child molestation? Why not make a reach. It's always nice to read people posting as though their being victimized by someone else's fortune. We should all shed a tear for Solomon, poor Solomon who hates himself to the point that he projects it on the rest of the world.
Wow - you missed my point by a mile - not surprising. I didn't say he was a child molester. I was commenting on all the gullable knobs who keep repeatng the cliche that "everybody deserves a second chance." They wouldn't be saying that if the offenses were more serious, or if they were the victims. Nobody says a child molester deserves a second chance, do they? But doesn't "everybody" mean everybody, including child molesters? Do you see where I'm going here, or are you still confused? Anyway, he had his "second chance" dozens of chances ago. He claims to be clean for two years, yet was arrested for theft less than eight months ago. He is a career criminal, and is being treated like some poor victim. What a load of BS.
You expressed me just about 100%.
i agree that second chances can help, but theft, robbery, escape, forgery, and drug possession? sounds like he's had at least 5 second chances. With a 20 year history of felonies, i don't think he has given much thought to HIS OWN second chances. it seems so sad he has wasted his talent with choices of breaking the law..
i agree with eastofeden- time to take a dump on ted. not give him jobs. just turds. here's your poo ted, go use your golden voice at the shelter.
So as far as your concerned there are limits to someone's value as a person once they exceed your standard of redemption? So I guess you're perfect? Your a douche. Take your unempathetic opinions and shove them...
Be honest, would you trust him at your home right now?
Be honest, would you trust him at your home right now?
Everyone in America deserves a second chance to set things right, Unless you've been homeless, etc. you are in no position to judge this man. You folks at TSG have a real nerve digging up past dirt in an effort to sabotage his chances for recovery and success. Way to ruin a good story you worthless ****.
I created an account on this site just to post almost exactly what you did as I agree with you 100%! Thanks for saving me the time. TSG shame on you for trying to mess things up for Mr. Williams! SHAME!!
YOU ARE worthless!!! these folks at tsg are fine upstanding white americans you jackass!
Be carefull Ted might actually pick himself up.Keep kicking him to keep him down.Sadly I think he has a strength of character all the haters haven't got.He has seen adversity and pressed on.I think the saying is he who is without sin cast the first stone.I hope Ted enjoys a happy and prosperous future.
Fark you TGS leave him alone, hes a good guy why do you have to try and ruin him?
How do you know he is a "good guy"?
miles u rock r u on fb? like buttons needed here, lol
It's a shame that whenever someone gets some air time they are investigated by every whack job with a computer out to destroy them. Congrats're just like those who investigated that "Joe The Plumber" guy for questioning Obama during the elections.
Robbery, and theft? What kind of animal would not want this guy hanging around their establishment? Hey everybody has to make living!
Why in heavens name is the businessman bothered at this point? Does he hope everyone who is down and out, who has upset him, remains down and out? A new job and a fresh start sound like the things needed to get Williams out of his hair.
hope the dude uses this lucky break to stop the bullshiat and get his act together. a good first step towards returning to civilization would be a free radio plug for the tire and battery guy he's been pissing off for the last two years.
Amazing TMZ is already trying to destroy the guy. Geez.
I guess someone had to hate on a bother. Yep Ted, you've arrived. Hope these vultures do not cause you a relapse
Everyone deserves a second chance. EVERYONE! Lets hope he puts it to good use.
Congrats Ted. Once The Smoking Gun diggs up your dirt and airs it, YOU'VE ARRIVED!!