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Settlement In Donald Duck Groping Lawsuit

Woman alleged Disney character fondled her at Epcot

Donald Duck

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Donald Duck Dismissal

MAY 12--The Pennsylvania woman who alleged that she was fondled by Donald Duck during a visit to Epcot Center in Florida has settled her lawsuit against Disney, federal court records show.

April Magolon’s complaint, filed last August against Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, was formally dismissed today by Judge John Padova in U.S. District Court in Philadelphia. The judicial order came a day after lawyers for the parties reported that the matter had been settled. Magolon’s attorney, Michael Pansini, sought dismissal of the lawsuit “with prejudice,” meaning that the action could not be refiled.

The court filings do not disclose settlement terms, which presumably included a payment to Magolon, a 28-year-old Upper Darby resident. The settlement came prior to Magolon or Disney filing motions or pretrial memorandums in the case, which involved claims of negligence, battery, and infliction of emotional distress.

According to her complaint, Magolon (pictured at right) was visiting Epcot with her children and fiancé in May 2008 when she was groped by a Disney employee dressed like Donald Duck as she sought an autograph. After the incident, Magolon charged, Donald Duck made gestures “indicating he had done something wrong.” Magolon’s complaint sought in exceess of $50,000 in damages.

Magolon contended that her fondling at the puffy hands of the cartoon character caused her to suffer “severe physical injury, emotional anguish and distress including, but not limited to post-traumatic stress disorder.” Court filings indicated that she was prepared to support these claims with testimony and records from her clinical psychologist.

Additionally, Pansini reported, Magolon had “Video of the events of May 20, 2008” that could be used to support her claims. A ban on the distribution or broadcast of that video would likely have been part of the legal settlement. Pansini did not respond to a phone message or an e-mail seeking comment about the settlement. (6 pages)

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What alot of people don't realize that Disney does not do "backgound checks" on its employee's who dress in this custumes---also there has be many such cases over the yrs at both Disney parks---most of the time involving 'children"----Disney has done nothing to stop it----one incident involved a young boy & a male dressed as popeye----it later was revealed that He was a known "child molester"----but was hires anyway----"Shame Shame on Disney"----Retired NYPD
What the hell were you? On the "illiterate squad"? Or was Eeeeengleeesh your second language???
RE: fmulder - Sounds to me like you’re a BS artist not a retired NY cop. Popeye isn’t part of Disney’s another poster said here since he/she (as I do/have) worked w/costumed characters and the vision IS EXTREMELY LIMITED! You can’t see most of what’s around you & there is a lot of "Blind spots". So I think the broad is looking for some easy cash because Donald touched her while trying to put "his" arm around her so the picture could be taken. Does anyone really think that a person in a high duck suit is going cop a feel in front of dozens if not hundreds of people?
Popeye is over at Universal - I think you have your theme parks confused. Glad you are retired NYPD - would hate to think you were out their arresting people.
Really---You are an Ass----whats the dif?----it still happened at Disney----How many "Child Molesters" have You arrested?----I would guess "0"----I have seen the results of a child be molested "ass wipe'----have You!
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What's the diff? Universal Studios has two theme parks in Orlando. Universal Studios is NOT owned by The Walt Disney Company. Not everything around Orlando is owned by The Walt Disney Company. So the "Popeye Incident" did not happen anywhere near a Disney location. Disney World has four major theme parks on their property, and the Universal Studios theme parks are in a separate location, many miles away from what you refer to as "Disney." That's the "diff." Facts matter.
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Tigger tried to cop a feel at Disneyland when I was about 18 years-old. I laughed and moved away from the tiger. I've never looked at Tigger quite the same. Can I sue? Seriously, people are a little hypersensitive -
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I have to laugh at the screen-name "Working Liberal," because it indicates that even a LIBERAL recognizes "working liberal" as an unusual and distinctive combination.
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