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Kershaw v. Remmy Proposal

Kershaw v. Remmy Receipt

Kershaw v. Remmy Ledger

Kershaw v. Remmy Lawsuit

Geez, had we known about these kinds of lewd legal matters, TSG would have went to law school.

Now pending on the docket of Akron, Ohio's small claims court is the case of Karen Kershaw v. Rick Remmy, a unique legal fight over the sale of a 20-year-old pickup truck. Seems that Remmy offered the vehicle to Kershaw--as this hastily scribbled proposal shows--for cash and other, um, valuable considerations. Kershaw contends that she did not agree to Remmy's indecent proposal, preferring instead to partially pay down her debt, as this "receipt" shows, with cigarettes (and you thought butts were only jailhouse currency!).

But while initially balking at Remmy's terms (Kershaw supposedly branded them "promoting prostitution"), it seems the plaintiff did, in fact, eventually perform a couple of down payments (totaling $80, as this makeshift ledger reveals). Now the beef, described here in Kershaw's remarkable initial complaint, is headed for a late-August court hearing. Here's hoping that the two sides can quietly settle their dispute--preferably out of court.