Getting By On Just $53,826 A Week

Divorcing woman claims $43 million post-nuptial deal just won't do

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Getting By On Just $53,826 A Week

MARCH 19--Unhappy with a $43 million post-nuptial agreement, a Connecticut woman is arguing in court that she deserves a bigger piece of her industrialist husband's fortune, in part to help offset weekly expenses totaling a whopping $53,000.

With the rest of the country mired in an economic crisis, the divorce fight between Marie Douglas-David, 36, and George David, 66, might appear more unseemly than those recent AIG bonuses. David, pictured at leftt, is a former chief executive at United Technologies worth more than $325 million. His wife is a former banker who has been described as a Swedish countess.

Here you'll find a financial affidavit filed three months ago in Hartford Superior Court detailing how Douglas-David spends $53,826 every week. Maintaining several homes (including a Park Avenue apartment and a year-round Hamptons rental) and dropping $4500 for clothing, $8000 for travel, $1000 for "Haircare/skincare," and $650 on dry cleaning bills every week has a way of adding up. Apparently.

Douglas-David's affidavit also, sadly, reflects the sorry state of the newspaper and magazine business. She only spends $30 per week on publications, or just .055735147 of her weekly nut. (12 pages)

3/20 UPDATE: In a new court filing, Douglas-David reports that her current weekly expenses have plummeted to $30,262. A March 11 financial affidavit shows that the countess no longer lists costs associated with a Park Avenue apartment she once shared with her husband. Additionally, the year-round Hamptons rental has disappeared and Douglas-David has halved her weekly travel budget to just $4000.